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Strawberry, banana, orange, melon… these lip balm flavors may be tasty, but they’re also so predictable! You can call yourself truly brave and adventurous if you are willing to try any of these weird lip balms flavors instead.

The unique lip balm flavors listed below will leave your stomach rumbling and make you feel hungry. They give the “Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans” from Harry Potter a run for their money.

Add this food flavored lip balm to your grocery list!

1. Bacon Lip Balm

Source: amazon.com

Crispy bacon is a tasty part of breakfast, especially when paired with eggs and fluffy pancakes. As a lip balm, though, it’s kind of an odd choice. Thankfully, no pigs were harmed in the making of this funny lip balm.

2. Cheetos Lip Balm

Source: that401ksite.com

If you love Cheetos, but hate the orange fingers, you’re in luck! You can get lip balm flavored after these crunchy snacks. No word yet on whether or not Flamin’ Hot lip balm will be on shelves anytime soon.

3. Pickle Lip Balm

Source: amazon.com

Are you in a pickle as to whether to get Chapstick or Burt’s Bees? Well, skip both and go with a pickle lip balm instead! It’s got a vinegary taste that’s meant for the bravest souls out there.

4. French Fries Lip Balm

Source: walmart.com

Lip balm that tastes like French fries could be yummy, but let’s face it, it depends on the quality of the fries. Are they seasoned fries or soggy, bottom-of-the-fryer fries? That could make all the difference as to whether or not you’ll enjoy this weird lip balm!

5. Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Lip Balm

Source: awesomeinventions.com

On a cold winter’s day, there’s nothing better than grilled cheese and tomato soup. Now you can put this power combo right on your lips with this food flavored lip balm!

6. Sriracha Lip Balm

Source: meatmaniac.com

Oooh, that’s hot! Bring some spice to your lips with a sriracha flavored balm. This hot sauce is tasty on noodles and rice, but it’s kind of an odd choice for your chapped lips. It will make your lips plumper though, which could be nice for that hot date!

7. Pizza Lip Balm

Source: etsy.com

Fingers crossed that this pizza lip balm has pepperoni instead of anchovies as a topping. If so, it may be easier to get onboard with this truly unusual lip balm flavor!

8. Corn Dog Lip Balm

Source: amazon.com

Do you have fond memories of going to the town carnival as a kid? Relive the nostalgia with corn dog lip balm. Does that sound disgusting? Fine…be normal and go with a funnel cake or cotton candy lip balm instead!

9. Double Cheeseburger Lip Balm

Source: popsugar.com

Because “cheeseburger” isn’t weird enough, you can buy a double cheeseburger lip balm. Pair this weird lip balm flavor with the French fries lip balm, and you’ve got yourself a value meal!

10. Buttered Popcorn Lip Balm

Source: treatbeauty.com

If you’re going to talk about strange lip balm, you can’t leave this one off the list. Get the theater experience with buttered popcorn lip balm! Think of it this way…at least you’ll save money at the concession stand. 

11. Spam Lip Balm

Source: trendhunter.com

No, this isn’t the spam emails that end up in your inbox. This is Spam – also known as canned ham. For those who enjoy the taste of this salty snack, you can try this extra weird lip balm.

12. Cheese-Its Lip Balm

Source: musingofamuse.com

Cheese-Its are always at grocery stores, but it’s much more difficult to find this strange lip balm flavor. Still, there are plenty of tubes online! Those who love to snack will love this cheesy cosmetic.

13. Nachos Lip Balm

Source: pinterest.com

Speaking of cheese, there’s a nacho flavored lip balm on the market. It tastes like traditional queso dip with just a hint of jalapeño. Now all you need is the tortilla chips, and you’re good to go!

14. Wasabi Lip Balm

Source: uedata.amazon.com

If you tried the sriracha lip balm and are still feeling adventurous, give the wasabi lip balm a whirl! You may not have sushi nearby to go with it, but at least you don’t need to use chopsticks to enjoy.

15. Mac & Cheese Lip Balm

Source: ebay.com

You’ll feel like you’re at a BBQ restaurant with mac & cheese lip balm. It’s got a creepy looking mascot, an extremely cheesy taste, and the best part is this food flavored lip balm doesn’t result in carb overload!

 16. Ranch Dressing Lip Balm

Source: delightnaturals.com

Talk about crazy lip balm flavors! This ranch tasting one is a true oddball. Surprisingly, ranch dressing has a very real fan base. In fact, Hidden Valley offers a variety of branded products including: necklaces, t-shirts, pajamas, and socks

17. Eggnog Lip Balm

Source: sweetyhigh.com

Feel the festive spirit with eggnog flavored lip balm! This unusual lip balm is a great stocking stuffer for the holidays. You also don’t have to worry about accidentally having too much and needing to call an Uber later!

18. Beef Jerky Lip Balm

Source: sweetyhigh.com

Beef jerky is an excellent source of protein. Beef jerky lip balm, on the other hand, is an extremely weird lip balm flavor to have in your cosmetic bag. Still, it’s out there if you want to give it a shot!

19. Peanut Butter & Jelly Lip Balm

Source: pinterest.com

The peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a must for packing your lunch. It turns out, it’s also a super tasty, unique lip balm flavor. There’s one tube for peanut butter and another for jelly. Put them on together to get that PB&J taste!

20. Salted Pretzel Lip Balm

Source: pinterest.com

Move over, Dr Pepper! Lip Smacker has another crazy lip balm flavor on the market, and it tastes just like a salted pretzel. This lip balm doesn’t come with dipping sauce, but don’t worry. You can always combine it with the nacho cheese lip balm for that Auntie Anne’s experience!

21. Earl Grey Tea Lip Balm

Source: hurrawbalm.com

Skip the coffee mug and pour the flavor of earl grey right on your lips! This unusual lip balm has the same bold, citrusy flavor as the tea. It will warm you right up on a winter’s day!

22. Chicken Nuggets Lip Balm

Source: pinterest.com

Have you ever been to Claire’s – a trendy jewelry boutique at most shopping malls? If so, you might have seen these cute food truck lip balm packages. They include not only chicken nuggets, but also other food flavored lip balm like hot dog, nacho cheese, pepperoni pizza, and the sweetest in the bunch, ice cream!

23. Candy Corn Lip Balm

Source: amazon.com

Surprise the trick-or-treaters this Halloween by handing out candy corn lip balm! It’s way more unique than snack-sized bags of M&Ms or Skittles, but just as delicious. Plus, it won’t lead to any cavities!

24. Ketchup Lip Balm

Source: shop.heinzhistorycenter.org

Condiments don’t always get the love and respect they deserve. That’s why it’s exciting to see a ketchup flavored lip balm. Throw this weird lip balm flavor in your shopping cart the next time you go get groceries!

25. Carrot Lip Balm

Source: floreshop.com

Apples bananas, grapes, and other fruits usually get all the love when it comes to food flavored lip balm. But let’s not forget our veggies! Carrot lip balm has a natural taste and also works as a great moisturizer.

26. Taco Lip Balm

Source: pinterest.com

Do you need party favors for your next fiesta? You can’t go wrong with taco flavored lip balm. All you need is a piñata and maybe a mariachi band, and you’re good to go!

Source: amazon.com

Cake, s’mores, cupcakes, and other sweet treats inspire a ton of fun lip balm flavors! These Oreo lip balms, on the other hand, take it to the next level. They taste just like the chocolate cookies, complete with the cream filling. They look like real Oreos, so be careful not to take a bite out of the container!

Final Thoughts

Who needs weekly meal planning? It’s easy to create a well-balanced meal, and all you need is these food flavored lip balms!

These weird lip balm flavors may sound unappetizing, but they’re worth a shot! They also happen to be pretty memorable. Hand them out as novelty gifts to everyone on your list, whether it’s for the holidays or as wedding favors.

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