There’s a question we hear a lot at Quality Logo Products®. And it’s “What’s the best promotional product?”

Now, there really isn’t a standard answer to that question. Promotional items should be tailored to your specific marketing budgets, promotional campaigns, and brand image.

But if you have some extra cash for your corporate gifts this year, or really want a great way to make some extra cash, I’ve decided on the product that has universal flexibility and appeal. And that product is the promotional plush toy.

Not sold yet? Here are the three reasons why I’m convinced that stuffed animals are the greatest giveaway item.

Stuffed animals have a high rate of retention.

stuffed animal dog
Who could ever ignore a face this cute?

If you make plush custom teddy bears your corporate gifts this year, you know that they won’t just be ignored. Your customers will take it home and treasure it. Even if you’re gifting the stuffed animal to the grumpiest man in the world, he won’t just toss it to the side. He’ll pass it off to his children, niece or nephew, or a kid next door.

The sweet features and durability make it a gift that will be enjoyed and looked at for years to come. There’s no danger of it being used up like a pen, accidentally misplaced like a business card, or expiring like food. Your brand impressions and loyalty will grow and last. Especially since…

Stuffed animals offer tons of customization.

Want a koala bear with a blue baseball t-shirt and a red imprint? No problem. A wolf wearing a purple bandana with a tangerine tango imprint? Easy as pie. With over a dozen animal plushies, accessory colors, and imprint colors, you’re looking at a minimum of 1,728 combinations. And once you factor in that they come as magnets or elephant keychains, the options just jumped to over 5,000.

The massive amount of choices makes matching a teddy bear to your brand easy. Simply pick your school, business, or brand colors for the t-shirt and imprint colors, and then add your logo. Then you’ll have a custom stuffed animal that your fans will be dying to own. And speaking of that…

Stuffed animals make the best fundraising resells.

stuffed animal monkey
Stop monkeying around! I can help you raise some money!

Sit back and think about it. Is there anything really more appealing than a plush toy? There really isn’t. People want to have tangible merchandise of the brands that they love. So if you customize a fleet of teddy bears to sell in your school’s bookstore, students that want to show their school spirit will snatch them up.

If you’re looking to raise funds for a club, activity, or sports team, people will be thrilled to buy imprinted plushies from you. Selling a teddy bear that only cost you $10 to customize for $20 yields a massive profit. People won’t think twice about forking over a twenty to support your cause and get themselves a cute stuffed animal to take home.

I know that I have a couple of branded stuffed animals at home, and I’m willing to bet that you do, too. This just shows that their cute factor leaves a lasting effect and recipients will hold on to them for a seriously long time.

Interested to learn more? Don’t hesitate to contact us at Quality Logo Products® to see if stuffed animals are the right fit for your brand or business.

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