Soft waves wash up on shore, lightning bugs light up the night, and the sun is shining bright… it must be summertime! Since we were kids in school and the final bell meant the promise of better things to come, summer has always been a popular season. And it’s no different when it comes to promotional giveaways! Promotional items for the summer are not only fun, but they also shine a serious light on your brand. And you’re in the right place to find the best of the best in summer promos!

Think about it. From the beach to the amusement park, your brand will be on display for the world to see. Take custom giveaways for the summer to your next conference or order promotional merchandise in bulk for the kids at summer camp. Maybe you need a custom giveaway for a music festival or maybe a little something special for a back-to-school picnic. If you’re extra lucky, you could even be looking ahead to a boating day on the water! No matter what the event, we’re positive you’ll find something great at Quality Logo Products®.

You can always go for the standard custom sunglasses or personalized stadium cups, but what else is out there for your summer promotions?

Take a look at some of our top summer promos:

Frisbee graphic


No beach bag is complete without a Frisbee!  Light up the night with a glow in the dark option or go for a typical flying disc for under $1. Either way, your logo will soar through the sky and keep everyone entertained!

Beach ball graphic

Beach Ball

Available in a variety of colors, an inflatable beach ball is a simple way to get your logo out there. Put it in the pool for a pickup game or bring it to your next luau to keep everyone’s mood lifted. Either way, nothing says “summertime” quite like a beach ball!

Nerf football graphic

Football Rocket

Are the kids being cranky and making it hard to enjoy your delicious barbecue? Launch the football rocket into the air and they’ll instantly give you space to finish that third bratwurst in peace. While you may not be Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees, you will be known as that person who got the party started.

Water gun graphic

Water Guns

No one wants to spend three days filling enough water balloons to have an epic battle. Go for the next best thing with custom water guns featuring your logo. From the kiddie pool to the lake, a blast from these fun-starters is a cool reminder of your brand.

Mini fan graphic

Mini Fan

Staying cool is paramount in the summertime, both in temperature and style. That’s why the mini fan is a great choice for your summer giveaways. Take it to the baseball stadium to stay airy between innings or bust it out after a sweaty session of yoga in the park.

When it comes to the summer, the only thing that should be on your mind is soaking in the rays and having a great time. Summer promos from Quality Logo Products® are here to give your brand its place in the sun!

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