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Surprise Stoppers: One Superhero Team Committed to Battling Hidden Fees

From the Justice League to the Avengers, incredible vigilantes have done whatever it takes to defend the universe as we know it! At Quality Logo Products®, our team of promo powerhouses, the Surprise Stoppers, is no different—they even sometimes opt for the spandex! This terrific trio bravely puts themselves on the line of fire, battling hidden fees in the name of a better shopping experience.  No matter who gets in their way, the Surprise Stoppers will do whatever it takes to change the way we shop. Never before has there been a group as committed to justice for hardworking customers!


The Surprise Stoppers are determined to end unplanned occurrences all over the world, all in the name of fair pricing. Remember the last time you tried to order Hootie and the Blowfish tickets for $50, only to find out by checkout that after all the “associated fees” your total jumped to $75. Or maybe you were livid when your cable bill came in the mail and the charges amounted to a whopping $200 more than you were originally quoted. We’ve all been there—and for the Surprise Stoppers that needs to come to an end!

This deceitful act of hiding hidden fees transcends just those Hootie tickets! The promotional products industry is perhaps one of the biggest offenders, but they have continued to fly under-the-radar for years.

Just look at the facts!*

With the goal of ensuring surprise-free shopping, the Surprise Stoppers are bravely destroying ALL surprises, even it means an end to the ones we actually enjoy.  No wedding proposal will go uninterrupted and little Jimmy’s surprise birthday party? Forget about it! If hidden fees are kept at bay, it’s worth all the small sacrifices.

The Surprise Stoppers are three power players in the world of promotional products, all determined to take the evil out of shopping. This terrific trio will do whatever it takes to ensure an end to hidden fees for customers all over the world.


Joe  – Remember when Moonlight beat La La Land at the 89th Academy Awards? Well, Envelopegate would have never happened if Joe had gotten to the scene in time. Dealing with wounds deeper than Batman’s, Joe comes from a family of award  ceremony envelope-sealers. He’s not proud of his past, but he went against his family to enter a life dedicated to justice.


Kelsey – We could all have benefitted from a Kasey in our high school classes. Sweating over SATs and worrying about final exams are the last of a student’s concerns  thanks to Kasey’s commitment to honesty. Teachers are intimidated by her relentless nature and won’t dare assign an unannounced pop quiz in her midst. Her goal is to bring this righteousness to educational institutions all over the world.

Kurt – Jolly ol’ St. Nick had another thing coming when he thought he could climb down Kurt’s chimney.  Upon learning of the Santa Claus Conspiracy at the age of six, Kurt posted flyers all over his community, ruining the beliefs of children all over the neighborhood. A few tears were a small price to pay in the name of total honesty.


It’s impossible to battle hidden fees and offer superior customer service without an incredibly powerful object. Wonder Woman has her Lasso of Truth, Thor has his hammer, and Aquaman has his trident. The Surprise Stoppers have a one-of-kind ordering system like no other…. No Surprise Pricing!

Defending the universe against hidden fees one order at a time, No Surprise Pricing breaks down how much your promotional product order will cost and when it will arrive. You won’t go through endless clicks and screens to land at checkout and find “associated fees.” Your full order price is laid out for you right on the initial screen. It’s the world’s greatest defense against ruthless hidden fees.

*Statistics based on a 2017 survey of top U.S. promotional products distributors.

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