Taco Bell has some of the most creative marketing on the planet. In 2019, though, they really outdid themselves with the very first Taco Bell pop-up hotel in sunny Palm Springs, California.

The crazy part? The rooms booked ridiculously fast when they opened on June 27th at 1 PM EST… like in less than 2 minutes.

Source: tacobelltacoshop.com

The lucky 70 people who were able to book a room are going to experience it all: pools as blue as a Mountain Dew Baja Blast, Taco Bell breakfast in bed, and the chance to shop in a gift shop full of exclusive merch, not limited to beach towels, coolers, patio umbrellas, pool floaties, and bikinis and swim trunks.

It will be an awesome experience to stay in the hotel between August 8th through the 12th. Those people who get to experience it and tell all their friends how it went. Who knows? The conversation could lead to a quick trip to the Taco Bell drive-thru.

Why Did the Taco Bell Hotel Rooms Sell Out So Fast?

The website for Palm Springs was overwhelmed by traffic when the Taco Bell reservations opened. This led to “higher than normal traffic” as people were desperate to get a room.

People love Taco Bell, plain and simple. It’s a brand with a cult following of sorts as there’s nowhere better to go at 1 in the morning after a night out.

If you missed out on your RSVP this time, don’t fret! The success of this pop-up hotel could mean even bigger things from Taco Bell in the future. My fingers are crossed for a cruise ship that plays Mariachi music and serves endless Gordita Crunches.

Not many brands have the power to get people this hyped. The takeaway here for any business owner is that creative branding matters and can pay off in spades. People will rock the cool souvenirs they got at the gift shop and brag about how they got a reservation when millions of others didn’t.

That kind of interactive branding is better than a Google ad any day!

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