Do you feel like your company’s logo is barking up the wrong tree? Do you have some great new ideas for your logo but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help you sniff out the mysteries of logo design and get your customers’ tails wagging. Okay… we’ll try to lay off the dog puns.

This month we’re setting our sights on a design contest held by Tail to Trail, a dog walking business seeking to build their brand with a solid new logo. Tail to Trail turned to 99designs as a forum for their search, recruiting 28 freelance designers to come up with the best possible logo for their business.

Below, we have three of the competing logos, including the winning design, decorating our fun and durable Tug & Throw Dog Toy promo. It’s the perfect promotional product to hand out at a pet-related convention, a new pet store, or a dog walking business like Tail to Trail! Dogs will love playing fetch, tug of war, and even just gnawing on the textured rope– which, as a bonus, will also help keep their teeth clean!

Tail to Trail frisbees

The winner: Design #1

Who should have won:
Design #1


It’s easy to see why Tail to Trail picked Design #1 as their winning logo. The designer created a professional level logo conscious of its market. The pops of playful colors and strong composition set this design apart as the clear winner.

Design #1 [winning logo]

Who’s Looking at Your Brand?

Tail to Trail Design #1

When designing a logo for your brand or business, put yourself in the shoes of your clients. What type of logo will appeal to them and help you get recognition? Make it your number one goal to create a logo that tells your client “Yes! We are exactly what you are looking for!” Let’s dissect the winning logo from this perspective.

What type of people would seek out a dog walking service? For you to trust a stranger with your furry family member, what would their logo have to communicate? It would certainly need a personal touch, something that suggests a human connection, because you want to know your dog will be cared for while you’re not there. Pleasant colors and a friendly font are also a must!

Design #1 went for a feminine motif, suggesting nurturing and care. It also goes a step further with the added logomark of a dog with a leash in its mouth- plus this dog is excited for that walk! Overall, the winning design creates the image of a cool and hip dog walking service that is going to prioritize your pet.

Design #2

A Personal Touch Matters

Tail to Trail Design #2

This logo design doesn’t beat around the bush. Although it’s easy to understand what the logo is depicting, it lacks any personality or charm. The sharp angles and lack of colors create an austere impression, emphasized by the economic illustration of the mountains, sign, and path. Combined with the stencil-style font face, this logo seems to suggest a doggy bootcamp instead of a friendly walking service.

This logo also has the dog walking away from the direction the sign is pointing, and no one is walking him! It almost seems as though it was meant to leave clients on edge about the business.

Design #3

What Are You Selling?

Tail to Trail Design #3

Just as it is crucial to consider who you are pitching your company to, it’s also necessary to communicate to your audience exactly what it is your company does. Your logo can help you do that, but if you fumble your design, it can confuse people, doing more harm than good.

Think of it this way: when you type an email, you have to fill in the subject line. In the same way, you must carefully consider the subject of your logo as your audience’s first impression depends on it. When taking a look at Design #3, what stands out to you first? It’s probably not the small, simple silhouette of a person walking a dog. Because the mountains are rendered with the most detail, it leads the viewer to assume that they are the focus of the logo, and, consequently, they may assume that Tail to Trail has more to do with nature than it does with dogs.

Final Thoughts

Designing a great logo is no walk in the park, but we’re here to help you put your best foot forward. Sniff around some of our previous lessons to learn even more about how to make the hit logo your business deserves.

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