Tempur-Pedic’s Crowd Sourced Content: Innovative or Lazy?

You’ve probably heard of the Tempur-Pedic bed (you know, the memory foam-esque super bed that conforms to your body), but the question is how did you hear of it?

If you’re like me, you saw one of their infomercials during a rerun of The Office. But Temper-pedic is making a push for your information to come not from a late night commercial sandwiched between a Jack LaLanne juicer and the Slap Chop, but from your actual friends.

facebook fan counts
Temper-Pedic’s “Ask Us” campaign definitely has people talking

In a recent commercial, Tempur-Pedic didn’t just give their usual pitch about form-fitting mattresses. This time, they encouraged viewers to jump onto their social media platforms and start asking their friends about their Tempur-Pedic beds. The commercial drove the point home by showing a Facebook chat screen and someone composing a tweet.

I’m not in the market for a new bed, but I was just so intrigued by this social media push that I needed to jump on their Facebook page and see if people were talking about it. At the time of this writing, over 1,600 people were talking about Tempur-Pedic.

But it wasn’t the conversation that sparked my interest; it was the way Tempur-Pedic crowd sourced their Facebook wall posts to create authentic testimonials.

facebook welcome page tempurpedic
Temper-Pedic’s welcome page brings in real Facebook user content

Clicking on either of the profile pictures takes you to the wall post where these users first posted their comments. These are fans that didn’t expect or request to be featured on the brand’s welcome page; they just simply had a question or compliment to share.

And since we can see that these comments came from real Facebook users, it adds another layer of trust to the brand and makes the consumer more comfortable about their potential purchasing decision. After all, even though Tempur-Pedic uses real customers in their YouTube videos, there’s always a lingering doubt that their on-screen brand advocates could be a little swayed. Especially since Tempur-Pedic does admit to paying people to go on record with their real life experiences.

Yet, in their big social push, there’s a surprising lack of a Twitter presence. For a company with one of the most interactive Facebook welcome pages I have ever seen, they have less than two hundred followers on Twitter. Considering that their website encourages users to tweet their friends about Tempur-Pedic, I couldn’t find a single place on their website or Facebook page where they linked to their company Twitter account.

Since so many brands use Twitter for – at minimum – customer service, I’m legitimately shocked at Tempur-Pedic’s low-key usage of such a popular social network. They prompt visitors to ask about their beds, but apparently don’t want you to find them on Twitter and ask them a question.