The Benefit of a Functional Promotional Product

I saw an article online about a cellular company in India imprinting their logo on a life raft, then using a rope to attach it to a billboard that says to cut the rope when it’s needed for an emergency. Not long after that, a terrible storm hit and the area was flooded. The rope was cut, and the life raft was used to save people’s lives. Talk about a functional promotional product!

This is a great example of why we should choose functional promotional products over non-functional. Doing so can save your life. But seriously, would you rather have the products be looked at once and thrown away, or looked at dozens (or hundreds) of times as the product is used again, and again?

One good idea is travel mugs. Everyone needs something to drink, so it’s useful for anyone. It’s something you can re-use every day, which means a lot of exposure for your logo. This is the kind of item that the recipient will keep and use again, and again.

You could also go with items that are more specifically directed toward the people you’re giving them to. So if you’re looking to hand out promotional items to all of your employees, and your company installs something like windows or cabinets, you could choose to go with custom tape measures. They would use them all the time in the field. Your employees would be happy with the gift, and your logo would be seen by people every day.

So when you’re trying to decide what kind of promotional product to buy, it may be in your best interest to consider what would be not only most suitable for your business and/or occasion, but also what may be most functional for the people you’re giving it to.


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