The Importance of Social Media in Online Marketing

Marketing a business, blog, or even an individual has come a long way in the last several years. Originally, marketing was relegated to print publications, then radio, and finally television. Each step in the evolution of marketing cost more and more money until finally only companies with large expense accounts could afford the most effective marketing ploys. Fortunately, with social media, this trend has been reversed. The various forms of social media allow companies and individuals to reach more people than ever before for very little money. There are many social media sites that are excellent platforms for marketing. Some of these include Twitter, Facebook or MySpace, and business networking sites like LinkedIn.

Twitter is a micro blogging site that many businesses are beginning to utilize. It is a great way to alert followers to specials, coupons, and deals as well as important updates. If a tweet has great value to those who read it they are likely to retweet it spreading it to even more of the Twitter user base.

Facebook and MySpace both started as sites where individuals could share information with their friends. However, just as with Twitter, companies began to realize the potential of joining this free site. Now companies have set up their own pages where people can become fans or friends. Updates to these pages automatically go to all of the followers. A similar site was launched more recently, LinkedIn, that allows professionals to network with one another. This is an excellent way to find potential employees through word of mouth.

This is just a sampling of the many social media sites now populating the Internet. The beauty of all of these sites is, they are free to use and people love them. It is a great way to market a company or product with only an investment of time. These sites help make marketing affordable and attainable to businesses and people regardless of their marketing budget.

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