Logos are essential for marketing efforts because they’re the first image consumers will associate with your business. Companies, like 99designs, specialize in making awesome artwork for advertising your brand. They’ll take your company name, desired color scheme, and a touch of your vision and inspiration to create a variety of different logos for you to pick a winner. From there you can start showing it off, whether it’s on business cards, the side of your building, or promotional products.

Every month, we’ll select one company and share our logo design tips and tricks with examples created by 99designs’ artists. We’ll also share our thoughts about the winning design and discuss whether we agree with its champion title. Let’s take a look at Paint 4 U, a company that paints new construction homes.

Who Won: Design #3

Who Should Have Won: Design #3

Design #3 is worthy of its champion title because it’s eye-catching, memorable, and relevant. Here’s what you can learn from the winning design.

More Than Meets the Eye

Using negative space to play a trick on the eyes is one way to make sure your logo stands out. Illusions are great for brain stimulation and grabbing people’s attention. However, you have to be careful that the brain isn’t working too hard or your message may get lost.

While Design #1 also uses an optical illusion, Design #3 uses it to better effect. Design #1 utilizes the unused space around the word “paint,” but the “4 U” portion is hard to visualize, limiting the design’s effectiveness. On the other hand, you can tell instantly that Design #3 depicts two people shaking hands with paintbrush handles for shirt sleeves. The illusion in Design #3 is more memorable, and it doesn’t take the brain too long to notice the mind trick.

Main Takeaway: Use optical illusions wisely.

Be Unique

Contrary to popular belief, designs don’t have to be intricate or detailed to be unique. They just have to be different. Some of the most iconic logos are simple when it comes to design, font choice, and colors. Your logo can reflect your values, product, or service plainly and still look spectacular!

Aside from simplicity, your artwork should be original, meaning it should never copy another company’s design. You want customers to think of you whenever they see your logo, not another business. If Paint 4 U had chosen Design #2, they would have been using a logo that uses the same symbol and color scheme as Microsoft’s signature trademark. Design #3, however, has a simple color scheme, standard bold font, and an authentic image, making it one-of-a-kind and truly unique.

Main Takeaway: Stand apart from other companies.

Think Long-Term

Whether your business has been around for 5 years or 100, your logo should be designed with the future in mind, including its scalability and legibility. Nowadays, you can find a company’s emblem just about anywhere, including websites, branded products, mailers, and more. Having a logo that’s scalable means it’ll be able to stretch without looking distorted and legible when shrunken down. It will also be more beneficial for the future use of your logo because it’ll looks fantastic no matter where it goes.

In this case, all 3 designs are scalable, but the company name isn’t legible in all of them when shrunken down. Design #2 is difficult to read from far away on a promotional keychain. Likewise, the optical illusion in Design #1 would be more difficult to figure out the smaller it gets. Design #3 is the best in terms of longevity because it looks excellent big or small, and if you ever needed to put the logo on something tiny, you can easily replace the image with contact info.

Logos are the foundation of your brand identity and play a vital part in marketing. Therefore, you shouldn’t skip out on taking advice from the experts. Paint 4 U selected the perfect logo that compliments their company and branding well. By following our design tips series, you too can have the perfect artwork for your business!

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