Are you hosting a holiday party at your office? Maybe you’re in charge of a networking event and want to win over your colleagues. Either way, you can’t go wrong setting up a raffle and giving out the best gift baskets to all the winners!

Corporate gift baskets don’t have to be stuffy or overly professional. Feel free to have some fun! Here are 20 ideas that you can use for your next party or event.

1. Movie Night Bundle

What to include in this gift basket:

This gift basket idea is a classic! Fill a movie theater inspired popcorn bowl or container with popcorn, seasonings, soda, and assorted candies like Swedish Fish and M&M’s. Go the extra mile by also putting in a $10 to $20 Netflix or Hulu gift card.

2. Game Day Bundle

What to include in this gift basket:

Go all the way to the end zone with this corporate gift basket! Start with a gift card to a big pizza chain, like Domino’s or Pizza Hut. And then add in extras like cheap koozies, a foam finger, and beer glasses. It also wouldn’t hurt to toss in a few stress balls just in case the game gets really tense!

3. A Picnic in the Park

What to include in this gift basket:

Pack a lovely picnic in a cooler with handles! You should obviously fill it up with food and drinks, but don’t forget to also throw in a plaid blanket, Frisbee, and stylish, yet cheap sunglasses. Any hard worker will love using this basket on their day off!

4. Health & Wellness

What to include in this gift basket:

Nobody wants to take a sick day! Put a mini hand sanitizer, tissue packet, thermometer, and lip balm inside of a microwaveable mug. You can make this gift even better by also including a recipe for a delicious homemade soup like chicken noodle, broccoli cheddar, or tomato.

5. Writer’s Workshop

What to include in this gift basket:

Fill up a durable canvas tote with a stylish journal and a nice ballpoint pen. It also doesn’t hurt to throw in a list of writing prompt ideas to fuel creativity, a mug with a lid to fuel the mind, and a seat cushion, so the writer’s tush doesn’t hurt as they work! These supplies also come in handy at the office.

6. The Great Outdoors

What to include in this gift basket:

Put together a corporate gift basket with an outdoorsy theme! A windbreaker and flashlight will come in handy for cave explorations, or walks through forest preserves. A metal water bottle with a carabiner, meanwhile, can be attached right to a hiking bag. And don’t forget about snacks like granola bars, seeds, nuts, and pretzels!

7. A Day of Pampering

What to include in this gift basket:

Everyone loves a spa day, so fill up a basket with items that can be used for a day of pampering. Scented lotion, candles, and of course, wine are wonderful ways to relax after a hot bath. You can also put in nail files and polish for a DIY manicure or pedicure.

8. This Drink’s on Me

What to include in this gift basket:

If a majority of your employees or colleagues are 21 and over, then a drink themed corporate basket is the ultimate gift! A durable metal bucket is a good choice as it can hold heavy items like wine or champagne. Keep the glassware secure by wrapping it in cellophane!

9. Breakfast in Bed

What to include in this gift basket:

Sleep in and enjoy a wonderful breakfast in bed. This gift basket is sure to be well-loved, especially if you choose super soft slippers and a tasty pancake mix like chocolate chip or blueberry. Everyone would love to receive these delicious, and cozy, corporate gift baskets!

10. Golf Outing

What to include in this gift basket:

A golf-themed gift basket is great for head honchos and CEOs. This basket may be on the pricier side, so consider using it as a prize for the employee who makes the most charity donations. You’ll be giving back and wowing the top dogs at the same time!

11. Scream for Ice Cream

What to include in this gift basket:

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Throw a brightly colored bowl, scoopers and spoons, toppings, and ice cream cones in a stylish gift basket. Your colleagues will get all those summer vibes!

12. Kiss the Chef

What to include in this gift basket:

Cook up a tasty gift basket by going with a kitchen theme as a fun corporate gift basket idea! It’ll be way easier to tackle Sunday meal prep with this bundle, which should include a nice cutting board, a stylish apron with matching oven mitts, and an array of utensils.

13. Fitting in Fitness

What to include in this gift basket:

Get your colleagues on track with their fitness goals! It’s as easy as offering corporate gift baskets filled with workout gear and athletic apparel like tank tops and headbands. If there’s room in the budget, throw in a pedometer, yoga mat, and fun shoelaces!

14. Pizza Party

What to include in this gift basket:

Serve up a delicious pizza themed gift basket! You can include items like a pizza cutter and server, as well as ingredients like tomato sauce and pepperoni. These foods won’t go bad, even if your event goes longer than you anticipated!

15. Road Trip

What to include in this gift basket:

Your employees and colleagues can hit the road in style if you offer a road trip gift basket! Choose a stylish travel mug as your main gift, and then fill the rest of the basket with other auto products like a sun shade and car wash items. Don’t forget the ice scraper if you live somewhere with harsh winters. Looking at you, Chicago!

16. Backyard Barbecue

What to include in this gift basket:

Mmm, smell those delicious burgers and ribs! This corporate gift basket is sure to be a big hit! Stuff it with utensils like spatulas, basting brushes, and BBQ forks. It’s also a good idea to include fun outdoor toys like a beach ball.

17. Book Club

What to include in this gift basket:

Curling up with a book or audiobook is a relaxing way to unwind after a long day at work. Stick a bookmark inside, and round out this corporate gift basket with sticky note flags, a coloring book, colored pencils, and a tall mug so your colleagues won’t have to get up for refills while they’re reading!

18. Gardener’s Grab Bag

What to include in this gift basket:

The green thumbs will go bananas over a gardening themed gift basket. Fill it up with useful tools like shovels, trowels, watering cans, and gardening gloves. A couple flower seeds and potted plants will really make this gift blossom!  

19. Revenge of the Nerds

What to include in this gift basket:

Find a basket in a comic book inspired color like red, yellow, or blue. Then have fun filling it up with all things nerd, including a gaming mouse pad, light up speaker, and a Funko Pop figure from a movie like Stars Wars or Harry Potter. You can also throw in little extras like a lanyard and eyeglasses with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

20. Coffee Addicts Anonymous

What to include in this gift basket:

Your colleagues will wake up on the right side of the bed with coffee inspired corporate gift baskets. Pour some sugar into a trendy mason jar, and put it next to a pretty mug. Bonus points if the mug is personalized with your company logo! Finally, round out your basket with other treats like coffee grounds, tiny stirring spoons, and delicious cookies.

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Final Thoughts

Corporate gifts and gift baskets don’t have to be overly expensive. A thoughtful theme and a few nice items are sure to make your colleagues feel like real winners!

Whether you offer a ton of different options, or just stick with one epic grand prize, these suggestions are a great place to start. Now go have fun putting together your gift baskets!

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Alyssa Mertes

Alyssa is a promo expert with over four years of experience in the industry. She is the Lead Copywriter at Quality Logo Products and has had work published for the Promotional Products Association International and the Advertising Specialty Institute.