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A-Tisket, A-Tasket: Six Themed Corporate Gift Basket Ideas!

In case you couldn’t tell from the displays in all of your local stores (or from last week’s post on the QLP blog), the holiday season is upon us. It’s time once again for peace, goodwill, and GIFTS OMG LOTS OF GIFTS GIMME GIFTS.

Of course, not everyone expects gifts… but plenty of consumers do. And they have every reason to. Why? Because according to a survey from a couple of years ago, sixty-two percent of companies surveyed planned on giving corporate gifts to customers and employees during the holiday season.

You don’t have to wait for winter to give your clients gifts, though. In fact, there are plenty of occasions throughout the year (the sale of a home, the start of the business relationship between you and a new client) when a corporate gift is a great idea. For moments like those, something special is in order.

It doesn’t have to be big, but if it matches your client’s interests, then we think that’s pretty fab. And when it comes to matching interests, we’ve got two words for you: gift baskets. You can order items for custom gift baskets throughout the year and assemble them as the occasions arise (which is good, since most branded items have to be ordered in quantity!).

So here are six popular gift basket themes sure to build goodwill at any time of the year, complete with our picks for items (branded with your logo and otherwise) to stuff ‘em!

The Coffee Lovers’ Gift Basket

Consider this: fifty-four percent of people over the age of eighteen in the U.S. drink coffee every day. People in the U.S. also spend a fine total of forty billion dollars each year on coffee in all its various forms, from beans to grind at home to a latte at the local café.

With statistics like those, odds are pretty good that a coffee-themed gift basket from your company will get a warm reception (but never boiling – every coffee fan knows that you let the water sit for several seconds after boiling before adding it to your French press).

Coffee Gift Basket J CroppedItems included in The Coffee Lovers’ Gift Basket:

· A bag of Stumptown Coffee
· A Dilettante Flavored Coffee Spoon gift box
· The Collier Ceramic Coffee Mug
· A Coffee Scoop and Clip
· And of course, a Starbucks gift card


The Golf Lovers’ Gift Basket

In spring 2015, just over twenty-six million people in the United States said that they had played golf at some point during the previous year. And the stats for who’s playing golf might surprise you. In 2014, there were more people under the age of forty playing golf than there were people over the age of fifty playing it. Plus, when the National Golf Foundation conducts its annual survey on who’s playing golf in the U.S., it includes anyone over the age of six, which we here at QLP think is adorable.

Your golf-themed gift basket might not be making its way to any six-year-olds, but we think your recipients will appreciate it nonetheless.

Golf Gift Basket J CroppedItems included in The Golf Lovers’ Gift Basket:


· Custom Callaway HEX Warbird Golf Balls
· A Golf Ball Caddy
· Club Glove Gloveskin iron covers
· An Arc Golf Umbrella
· A Michelin Green Guide to your region’s golf courses
· A golf GPS app like Golfshot to help people plan their approach to their favorite course

The Tech Lovers’ Gift Basket

You want statistics to help you choose the right gift basket? You’ve got ‘em: as of 2015, sixty-four percent of adults in the United States owned a smartphone. At least one in five people around the entire freakin’ world owned a smartphone; one in seventeen owned a tablet. And even if people this year don’t yet own some kind of mobile device, chances are they’ll get one: forty percent of holiday tech shoppers in 2013 bought tablets for themselves or recipients.

Even if your gift basket recipients don’t love using technology, they’re likely to love a tech-themed gift basket filled with items designed to make using their tech more convenient. Looking for a gift basket for college-aged students? Take a look at this one!

Tech Gift Basket J CroppedItems included in The Tech Lovers’ Gift Basket:


· An iTunes or Google Play gift card (choose wisely, for rarely is there crossover between the Apple and Android camps!)
· A Flash Power Bank
· A Razor Phone and Tablet Stand
· Skullcandy Ink’d 2 Earbuds

The Wine and Cheese Gift Basket

Why do wine and cheese go together like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler? According to gastronomical research (yes, there is such a thing), it’s because they’re perfect complements. Wine, being acidic, is what’s called an astringent; it tends to leave the mouth feeling drier. Cheese, meanwhile, is full of those delicious oils and fats that are opposite of what you find in your favorite chardonnay. Put together, wine and cheese create a sensation that’s perfectly balanced.

Wine is a luxury, a consumable invitation to relax and enjoy life, which is why it’s so often given as a gift. And you don’t want to give a gift without its perfect match, right? This wine and cheese gift basket offers plenty of items that combine to form a thoughtful gift.

Do keep in mind that wine gift baskets are best given in person, unless you’re sure that the recipient or someone over twenty-one will be present to sign for the package, as laws on mailing and shipping alcohol are pretty strict!

Wine Gift Basket J CroppedItems included in The Wine and Cheese Gift Basket:


· Wine, obviously, which you can buy in person or from an online retailer
· A fine cheese (you can’t go wrong with brie), which you can buy online as well
· A custom Wine Glass
· The Wine Gift Set
· A Three Piece Cheese Board Set

The Relaxation Gift Basket

There’s no end to the benefits of relaxation and stress reduction. Relaxing stimulates our memory. It improves the health of our heart and circulatory system. It boosts the immune system. It reduces our likelihood of weight gain.

But even though it’s easy to find information about the benefits of taking a chill pill every now and then (not literally – don’t do drugs, kids!), it’s hard to actually find time to relax. Help your favorite clients carve out the time with this custom gift basket.

Relaxation Gift Basket J CroppedItems included in The Relaxation Gift Basket:


· A Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Card (or gift card to a local spa or massage therapy provider)
· Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa
· The perfect match for that hot cocoa, an Aztec Spooner Mug
· A custom Meditation Candle

The Animal Fans’ Gift Basket

Do we even need to include statistics for this one? Your gift recipients don’t have to be pet owners to be animal lovers. People get a kick out of animals, and okay, we actually do have a statistic to support that: forty-five percent of all original videos released online in 2013 featured a pet or an animal.

Whether or not the animal fans on your list have pets or not, they certainly know how important proper care of an animal is. That’s why, in addition to fun and flighty animal-themed gifts, we’ve included an animal sponsorship program that covers a wide variety of species. You might not be able to give your recipients their own personal red-tailed hawks, but you can care for one in their name!

Animal Gift Basket J CroppedItems included in The Animal Fans’ Gift Basket:


· An animal sponsorship certificate from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
· A custom animal drawstring bag
· A stuffed Plush Tropical Bear
· A Wild Flamingo Fun Pen

* * *

When it comes to gift giving, it truly is the thought that counts. We hope that a gift basket tailored to your customers’ interests helps you let them know how important they are!

Have you ever received a gift basket from a company? Business owners, have you ever given out a custom gift basket? What was in it? What other themes would be great for a gift basket? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Matt

    I mean, who doesn’t love a good gift basket?!? Individual gifts are great, and they’re effective, but a whole basket full of gifts? Even the container is a gift! Aside from the awesome suggestions above I’ve found that regional or specific gifts are a good way to introduce yourself (or re-introduce yourself) to knew or returning clients. Last year, being from the Chicagoland area, I sent out a bunch of deep dish pizzas, this year I’ll be sending out Chicago themed sets. Garrett’s popcorn, Tootsie Rolls, a Cubs hat and more will go into the gift. I think something like that is a nice personal touch that keeps you at the front of a customer’s mind.

  2. kat

    These are such GREAT ideas!! I’m definitely going to refer to this blog to help customers out with ideas for their holiday needs. Back in the day a gift basket usually meant “food”. Now, look where the time has taken us – a TECH gift basket? I mean…how AWESOME it that?!

  3. PMO

    Sign me up for a coffee lovers basket immediately!

    Oh, and a wine basket too so I can give that out as a gift.

    Really, these are all awesome ideas and I plan to send this blog around to many clients who would benefit from this.

    Thanks for another great resource!

  4. Kelly Bird

    I love giving gift baskets as gifts. It’s great to be able to come up with a theme and have every item in the basket relate. Last year I put together gift boxes of My Favorite things from 2014. It had gadgets, snacks and music that I discovered throughout the year that ranked worth of sharing along with a guide introducing the item and how I found it and/or why I love it. The recipients not only LOVED the gift box products but also appreciated the thought that went into gathering the items. Huge hit!

  5. Leo

    Sheila you totally nailed it with these basket ideas! I am especially a HUGE fan of the coffee lover’s one ? I see there are many of us that feel this way. I do believe I have just one more awesome basket to include. A TECH GIFT BASKET!!!

    Are your customers Tech Peeps? Do they love the latest and greatest! Well we have the gift basket for you! Even better, why not do a Tech Gift Backpack? We have an awesome computer backpack, the Wenger Tech. This guy can fit your laptop and even has tons of organization compartments! Fill this with a Rotate USB Flash Drive V.2.0 (of course filled with your December newsletter or sales flyer), a Fancy Metal Stylus Pen and perhaps a Tech Travel Kit. You could even ad a tumbler to this pack! The Sydney Tumbler is a HOT item right now! These items, with your logo all over them, will surely stand out in the memory of your customers! They will use these items daily and there isn’t a better way to get your name in front of them than that.

  6. Ryan

    Yes! This is perfect! Baskets are the best way to say thank you showing your customer (or potential customer) that some thought went into the gift. Gift baskets can be bought just about anywhere these days, and they all have cool things in them, but what sets us apart is the customization! Imagine your client opening up a Golf Gift basket (I love golf) and seeing Your Logo printed on their items! It would be like Christmas, and you would get some “joyous” exposure (I also love Christmas). So if you need a gift basket, or have an idea for your own special basket, let us know! Yay! Go Gift Baskets!

  7. rashmi

    it was a good article thanks for sharing keep writing such articles

  8. Corporate Gifts

    That was a good brainstorming blog post.

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