To Pen or Not to Pen…

So, this past weekend I sat down to write out my “to- do” list (am I the only one that does that anymore?) and I spent about 30 minutes looking around my house for my favorite pen before I found it. Since I have self-diagnosed ADHD, my mind soon started wandering about pens. Yes, you heard right: my mind wandered about promotional pens, of all things.

Then, I remembered that I have had my favorite pen for years! I was intrigued.

When I got to work the next day, I decided to observe how many people seemed to ALWAYS use their favorite pen. It was mind boggling! Almost everyone! SO, I started asking people about their favorite promotional product and there were answers all across the board, from stress balls to wine racks (yes, wine racks). Then, I started to ask people how long they possessed those favorite promotional items – out of everyone I asked, the longest answer was 1 year!

Right after someone had gotten done telling me about their personal favorite item that they’d ever received (that he said lasted for 6 months, FYI), I looked down at his hand. Oddly enough, he was holding a personalized pen. When I asked: “how long have you had that?”, he responded with “2 years.” I smiled because I knew my opinion/hunch was right!

In my opinion, people might think they favor other types of branded products (like the stress relievers and the wine racks) but they should use the facts and not just their thoughts. Did you know that pens have an average of 8 owners? Imagine 1-2 years per owner and you’re looking at ONE product potentially being in front of people for 8-16 years! Spending pennies on a promotional pen that could last up to 8-16 years is pretty awesome, so I stand by my claim that logo pens are the best trade show giveaways, PERIOD (especially with some starting as low as $0.19 a piece).

Stress Ball Pen

These pens combine 2 of your favorite products into one

FYI, here’s something for all you stress ball lovers! If you’re still not ready to admit you’re now on the promotional pens band wagon, then here is a good compromise: the Stress Ball Pen. It has a great grip and a smooth writing tip (this might soon become my new favorite pen). You’ll always know which pen is yours if you have one like this. Check it out!

Maybe I’m just way too obsessive about this whole thing. I mean they’re just pens…or are they? How long have you had YOUR favorite pen? Answer in the comments below – we’d love to know how long your loyal promo pen has served you!

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  1. Chase

    This is my FAVORITE Subject! I have had my “lucky” pen for 12 years. You hear me right, 12 years. I keep changing the ink cartridges. I love this pen. It was given to me 12 years ago this Christmas; I still am not sure how I have kept it this long. Yes, it is beaten and battered but without question it is my lucky pen. The ONE time that it was not in my briefcase my car was broken into and my laptop was stole. But the good news is that I still have my pen. One very special company has gotten more than their money’s worth of this promotional product.

  2. Bret Bonnet

    I don’t believe you Chase! 🙂

    12 years… And what, you’re like 16 years old?

    …. That’s right, I’m calling you out! 🙂

    Even if what Chase is preaching IS true, I’m the exact polar opposite. I have no pen or brand loyalty. I mean, it’s a pen. Sure, are there pens in my cup-o-pens that I prefer to write with more than others, yes; but who has the time to run out and buy refills! I’m sorry, I’m the kind if person who buys a new one instead of fixing it when something breaks. This probably explains why I’ve always have 3 55 Gallon garbage cans curbside every Friday when the family of 4 next to me only has one!

  3. QLP Jill

    WOW, Chase! That’s impressive! 🙂 And I thought my favorite pen of 4 years was up there. Do you think you could pass some of its luck this way?

  4. Lauren

    I had no idea pens had an average of 8 owners!! This is a great fact!!

  5. QLP Kid

    Chase, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that has a lucky pen that just makes me smile when i write with it. I mean the way it glides over that paper it almost whispers – it somehow just makes everything in the world OK!

  6. Lauren K

    I recieved my favorite pen a year ago. Like Bret, I won’t be buying refills so I managed to collect 3 of them. I have one in my purse, one in my room, and one in hiding for when I lose one or one runs out of ink. I received this pen while visiting the college I went to for their homecoming game and I can’t wait to return this year in hopes of collecting more!
    In this case their use of promotional pens was definitely a success!!

  7. QLP Kid


    Ha-ha that’s awesome! Snag me one if you can when you go back!

  8. Joe

    I agree with this post. Pens are some of the best promotional products that are out there. I’m not as extreme as Chase is, but I do enjoy some of my favorite promotional pens. Using promotional pens is a great idea for any company!!

  9. Kat

    Bret – Mental age and actual age are two different things when it comes to males…but that’s for a different blog!! 🙂 But I agree with Bret….I have my favorites that I <3 to write with, but once they dry up they get tossed. But just because a pen isn't my favorite for years doesn't mean it can't be my favorite RIGHT NOW! It IS amazing to hear there are 8 owners of one pen on average…that'll make me think twice before I chew on any caps again…..YUCK! 🙂

  10. Barb

    I am with Bret. I will even throw inexpensive things away rather than lug them somewhere else. That is bad and not green-friendly, I am aware. I have a TYPE of pen I like. But I buy them at the big-box store in packages of 10…HEY!!!! I HEAR WE HAVE A NEW BABY AROUND THERE! CONGRATS TO MIKE’S WIFE AND MIKE!

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