Wedding favors can be one of the most expensive parts of a wedding, especially when you’ve invited a hundred or more guests. The cost adds up quickly.

You’re in the minority if money is no object for the tokens of your appreciation. If you’ve got a smaller budget to work with on that special day of yours, then you’ll want to pay attention!

Here are my top 10 suggestions for wedding favors costing $3 or less. They’re sorted into 3 categories: Edible Favors, Drinkware Favors, and Fun or Unconventional Favors.

Best Edible Favors for $3 or Less:

1. The Whitaker Bountiful Bag. No one will object to receiving a bag of snacks while they’re waiting for the reception to start. I like this product because it’s a good value for the money, and you can pick between salty or sweet fillings (like animal crackers or goldfish to jelly beans or Tootsie Rolls). The bags themselves aren’t personalized, but the cards are. If you’d prefer customized packaging instead of a mini card, try the Hansel Bagged Candy filled with jelly beans, M&Ms and more, or if you like the idea of individually customized candy pieces, you can buy customized Bulk Chewy Sprees and make your own gift bags for the ultimate personalization.

2. Rockwell Square Candy Pieces. It’s a fancy name, but these edibles boil down to one thing…CHOCOLATE. They’re not full-size candy bars or anything, but I’d argue that’s almost better because you could scatter them on the tables instead of limiting them to one per place setting. The wrappers are available in versatile colors like gold, silver, and white, and your personalized message or thank you earns a special place on the front.

3. George Chocolate Cigars. People usually bust out real cigars when something monumental happens, but these cigars are safe for all ages! I’ve always been fond of pretending to smoke them before I eat them (don’t deny it; you do it, too), which is something the kids will likely enjoy as well. Chocolate cigars look a lot like real ones from a distance and they won’t make your guests’ lungs sad.

Best Drinkware Favors for $3 or Less:

4. Clear Shot Glasses. Adults can use these gifts for the obvious purpose and kids can use them for kiddie cocktails: That’s a definite win-win situation. These clear 1.5 ounce glasses won’t interfere with couples’ color schemes and there’s room for candy if you prefer. Anyone with an eclectic shot glass collection will appreciate it, at least!

5. Aztec Spooner Mugs. People went crazy (in a good way) when we posted a picture of these unique mugs on our Pinterest page. If that’s not proof of their appeal, then we don’t know what is. Not only are these matte mugs available in 7 different color combos, but they each come with their own small matching spoon. Pair them with a packet of gourmet coffee or hot cocoa and your guests will stir up a thank you or two.

6. Iceberg Tumblers with Straws. Hard plastic cups like these only recently became popular but now we often wonder what our site would be like without them. Though they’re often referred to as “those reusable cups that look like fast food drink cups,” we call them acrylic tumblers with straws. You can order them in clear or choose from a few translucent colors. They make good wedding favors because they appeal to pretty much everyone, even the coffee-hating people you know!

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Fun or Unconventional Favors for $3 or Less:

7. Heart-Shaped Squeezies. Stress balls come in thousands of different shapes and sizes, but what could be more wedding appropriate than a red heart? Red doesn’t even have to be a part of your wedding colors to make these work as favors. Stress runs rampant during major life events, so it wouldn’t hurt to have a few of these around for yourself as well. Or, if hearts aren’t really your thing but you like the idea of a squeezie that reflects your tastes as a couple, then check out our other stress balls.

8. Neon Rubber Sunglasses. These colorful favors garnered quite a bit of buzz on our Pinterest as well, and they consistently pop up in our monthly bestselling products lists. Sunglasses are fun! Are they top-of-the-line, designer brand quality? No. Will they last for years and years? Maybe, maybe not. But here’s the most important question: Are these sunglasses fun to have for wedding photo-ops and impromptu line dances? Yes. Yes they are. Enough said.

9. Bubble Baubles. Everyone loves bubbles, even the ones who won’t admit it. When rice isn’t an option (it hurts birds) and bird seed seems too messy (it takes forever to get out of carpeting), then bubbles are the best option! Besides, these are way more fun on the dance floor during a round of good songs. Kids can enjoy them, too, as long as they have adult supervision. (Don’t like bubbles? You might like Seeded Confetti Packets instead).

10. Custom Frisbees. Hear me out before you scoff at this one! Frisbees may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to wedding favors, but that’s part of their charm. Food is delicious but it eventually gets eaten and forgotten, and fragile favors sometimes get packed away. Hard plastic flyers, on the other hand, are practically indestructible and they aren’t likely to end up in the trash. I fully support Frisbees as fun and offbeat gifts! We even have a plastic flyer that changes color when it’s out in the sun. How cool is that??

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I know from experience — getting married isn’t cheap. If you aren’t careful with your wedding favor budget, then you could go over without even realizing it. Plan your favors or gifts around the number of guests who’ll be receiving them, not the other way around, and you should be just fine!

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