Etsy isn’t the only place you can find cute wedding favors. If your big day is just around the corner, and you don’t have time to hem and haw, you can just come here for a list of amazing wedding favor ideas, starting at under 50 cents each!

Are you ready to make your wedding special? Here are cheap custom wedding favors for any groom or bride on a budget!

Wedding Favors Under 50 Cents

You can get the best personalized wedding favors with the spare change you have lying around the house! Take a look at these wholesale options, which are all less than 50 cents!

Custom Lollipops

custom lollipops for wedding

Price: $0.32 ea.

Qty: 500 lollipops

Your wedding day is supposed to be sweet, so give out custom candy to all your guests. Lollipops are very cheap wedding favors and come in yummy flavors like lime, orange, grape, cherry, lemon, and blue raspberry. You an grab these personalized wedding favors for less than $200!

Personalized Wedding Mints

personalized wedding mints

Price: $0.07 ea.

Qty: 2,000 mints

Are you serving garlic pasta at the reception dinner? Order personalized mints your servers can hand out before the wedding cake is cut. You can also leave extra mints in a bowl by the door for your guests to grab when the night is over.

Printed Wedding Balloons

personalized wedding balloons

Price: $0.41 ea.

Qty: 250 balloons

Do you remember going to the fair as a kid? You loved going home with a souvenir balloon! Recreate that special feeling by giving all your guests custom balloons printed with a cute quote, and/or your names and wedding date.

Color Changing Reusable Straws

personalized straws

Price: $0.42 ea.

Qty: 500 straws

Sip in style by treating your guests to custom reusable straws as favors! These color changing straws are not only fun, but they’re also extremely affordable! Do you still have room in the budget? Tie the straws to tasty bottled drinks and attach a handwritten note to each one.

Custom Matches

custom matches for wedding

Price: $0.10 ea.  

Qty: 2,500 matchbooks

If you look at the history of wedding favors, custom matchbooks used to be very popular. These favors have always been affordable and are particularly great for vintage weddings. You can also give them to guests if your ceremony is at an antiquated manor or estate.

*DISCLAIMER: The prices and quantities listed above are subject to change. Visit the Quality Logo Products website for more information.

Wedding Favors Under $1

Are wedding costs stressing you out? Look here for personalized wedding favors for less than a dollar each. Your guests will love them!

Custom Wedding Koozies

personalized wedding koozies

Price: $0.55 ea.

Qty. 250 koozies

Wedding koozies are classic favors since they’re cute and start at under $1 each. Set the coolies on the dinner plates, or keep them in a basket at the open bar. These fun favors are just waiting to be decorated with a cute or romantic quote!

Personalized Lip Balm

personalized lip balm

Price: $0.59 ea.

Qty: 150 lip balm tubes

Customized lip balm are cheap wedding favors for any ceremony. Choose a flavor that makes your guests think of romance like cherry or passion fruit. You’ll be happy to know that your whole order will cost less than $100!

Custom Wedding Sunglasses

custom wedding sunglasses

Price: $0.88 ea.

Qty: 150 sunglasses

Are you having an outdoor wedding? Treat your guests to custom sunglasses they can wear during the ceremony. These cool shades are available in over 30 colors, so you can easily match your wedding theme!

Printed Chocolate Chip Cookies

personalized cookies for wedding

Price: $0.89

Qty: 500 cookies

The bakery is open! Melt hearts by giving all your guests an individually wrapped chocolate chip cookie. These delicious cookies are housed in custom wrappers that you can decorate with your monogram, names, or wedding date. Put extra cookies on a display at the dessert table!

Custom Heart Stress Balls

personalized heart shaped stress balls

Price: $0.84 ea.

Qty: 110 stress balls

Your wedding should never feel stressful! Celebrate this happy time with heart stress balls. You can give out these cheap custom wedding favors to all of your guests at a small wedding for less than $100!

Custom Wedding Cups

custom wedding cups

Price: $0.57 ea.

Qty: 144 cups

If you’re on a budget, stadium cups are the best wedding favors! These custom plastic cups come in a variety of pretty colors and can be used to serve drinks during cocktail hour. Your guests can keep reusing the wedding cups throughout the reception and then bring them home later!

Personalized Shot Glasses

personalized shot glasses for wedding

Price: $0.66 ea.

Qty: 144 shot glasses

Get the party started with custom shot glasses! These wedding favors may only hold 1.5 fluid ounces of liquor, but that’s all your guests need to let loose at the reception. Who knows? Before long, your college roommate may be tearing up the dance floor to “Single Ladies!”

DISCLAIMER: The prices and quantities listed above are subject to change. Visit the Quality Logo Products website for more information.

Wedding Favors Under $3

Do you have money in the wedding budget to splurge on your guests? Everyone will appreciate these unique wedding favors, which all start at under $3 each.

Custom Stemless Wine Glasses

personalized stemless wine glasses

Price: $2.49 ea.

Qty: 36 wine glasses

Custom stemless wine glasses are extremely trendy and make excellent wedding favors. Since the quantity is low, you can get these cups for less than $100. Print a cute saying on front, and give them to everyone who helped make your big day special.

Personalized Popcorn Bags

custom popcorn wedding favors

Price: $1.69 ea.

Qty: 250 popcorn bags

Your guests will appreciate custom popcorn they can snack on before dinner. They can also munch on the popcorn while listening to the speeches, because let’s face it, sometimes listening to those is kind of like watching a funny movie!  

Custom Wedding Glasses

personalized pint glasses for wedding

Price: $2.97 ea.

Qty: 55 glasses

Your guests will think of the fun they had at your wedding every time they have dinner at home! Just give them personalized pint glasses they can bring home as favors. The cups featured here are the perfect choice since they have a low minimum and cool colorful bottom accents.

Custom Chocolate Hearts

Price: $2.62 ea.

Qty: 100 chocolates

The wedding cake was tasty, so why not keep the yummy desserts coming? Gourmet chocolate will be a huge hit with your guests. If you have more room in the budget, you can even make wedding tote bags and put the chocolate inside with other goodies.

Personalized Notebooks

custom notebooks for wedding

Price: $1.24 ea.

Qty: 250 notebooks

Drinkware and chocolate are definitely popular wedding favors, but custom notebooks can be just as amazing! Do you want your guests to fall head over heel? Print a romantic quote from a movie, TV show, song, or book on the cover.

Monogrammed Mason Jars

monogrammed mason jars for wedding

Price: $2.15 ea.

Qty: 36 mason jars

A rustic wedding needs horses, string lights in the barn, and custom mason jars as favors. Wedding mason jars are a good investment since you can give them to your guests, and use the extras for decorations and drinks.

Custom Luggage Tugs

custom luggage tags for wedding favors

Price: $1.07 ea.

Qty: 250 luggage tags

Lucky you! You’re having a wedding on a sunny beach in the Bahamas. Treat your guests to personalized luggage tags they can use to fly home after your destination wedding.

Personalized Coffee Mugs

personalized coffee mugs for wedding favors

Price: $2.69 ea.

Qty: 72 mugs

Yawn! It’s not that your wedding is boring, but it’s getting late and your guests are sleepy. Wake them up when you set out the dessert with custom coffee mugs next to a big pot of coffee! Your guests can then bring the mugs home as wedding favors.

*DISCLAIMER: The prices and quantities listed above are subject to change. Visit the Quality Logo Products website for more information.

Final Thoughts

The best wedding favors are cute, useful, and budget-friendly! You can spend less than $100 total on many of the personalized wedding favors listed above, which is a huge win when it comes to wedding planning.

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