Top 10 Most Popular Promotional Products of July 2012

Another month in 2012 bit the dust, which means it’s time to reveal some best-selling promo items for July. Thanks for checking out our top sellers of June 2012 last month, too.

Which promo items gracefully bowed out of the top 10 this month, and which ones stepped up to fill the spaces? Find out right here and now!

Best Selling Promotional Items of July 2012:

How does it feel to be dethroned, round stress balls (#2)? Even though they returned to the top spot only last month, they’re already knocked down by the cinch up backpacks (#1), in a surprise upset. In other news, our medium nonwoven tote bags (#3) catapulted higher on the list — they jumped 5 spots since June! It’s no wonder that personalized heavy white t-shirts (#4) saw a big increase, since we’re running a ridiculously crazy promo on them until the end of August. And whatever you do, don’t write off our color-changing plastic cups (#8) or Santa Fe aluminum water bottles (#6), which both saw a sales spike in the past 30 days.

Sadly, the collapsible can koozies (#7), promotional sunglasses (#5), and small eco-friendly nonwoven tote bags (#10) dropped a few pegs, but we think the bold return of top contender alpine aluminum sports bottles (#9) makes up for it.

Here are the promo items you should watch, based on the emerging trends:

There’s never a shortage of rockin’ promotional pens in the trends section, and July was no exception. Which click pen do you prefer, the Hedgehog Pen or the Silhouette Satin Grip Pen? We can’t decide. Do you see the difference? The Hedgehog Pen is available in more colors, and its color is most noticeable on the barrel. The Silhouette Pen, on the other hand, is mostly silver except for the color on the grip itself. Both are viable options for your next giveaway! Lastly, the Acrylic Straw Tumblers are steadily crawling up to the top 10…and we really hope they make it. These sturdy plastic cups look exactly like the disposable kind, only they can be used over and over again! What’s not to like?

There you go; now you know which promotional products kicked all sorts of butt in July! Which items will you see next time? Only a few more weeks until you’ll find out…

If you can’t make it another month wondering what our most popular promotional products are, check out our Best Selling Products on our website anytime you want for the latest news and updates!

Which of these giveaway items are your favorites? Are there any more you’d like to see next month?


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  1. amy

    I’m hoping the ‘Acrylic Straw Tumblers’ become more popular. I love all of mine that I have and I could always use more!! They’re a great promo item for companies to resell with their logo on them, I’ve always got one with me and another one in my car, haha 😉

  2. Mandy Kilinskis

    With the t-shirt promotion we’ve been running this summer, I was sure that they would’ve ended up higher than fourth! I guess we’ll just have to see how they do in August’s totals since we’re running the sale all month.

    I would also like to second Amy’s enthusiasm of the Acrylic Straw Tumbler. They’re such a great giveaway item and last forever. I’d love to get my hands on one of those!

  3. Jenna Markowski

    I’m with Mandy. I’m surprised the T-shirts weren’t higher up than that! I guess that just goes to show that nothing beats a classic cinch-up backpack or round stress ball! I bet those backpacks are at the number one spot with Back to School season starting. I’m sure schools and colleges are promoting, recruiting, and orientating students, and those cinch-up backpacks are a classic giveaway for that!

  4. Rachel

    Nice to see the T-shirt mix things up a bit on the top 10 list! It’ll be interesting to see how long it stays there. Thanks as always for the update, Bubba! 🙂

  5. Bret Bonnet

    Bubba – you so silly! 🙂

  6. Eric

    Rubberized sunglasses down = squinting must be up.

  7. Jim Bennett

    I’ve seen similar results. As summer winds down, the sunglasses and other summertime items will make an exit and return of the old staples will come back in. As we move closer to winter, we should see some of the popular winter time products come back.

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