Top 10 Most Popular Promotional Products of November 2012

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a month since our last meeting, isn’t it? But lo and behold, October 2012’s rankings have come and gone and November’s have arrived to replace them!

We’re getting into holiday crunch time, so it’s exciting to see which products will end up as heartwarming holiday gifts…

Best-Selling Promotional Items of November 2012:

Can you spot the upsets and the surges just by looking at the list? Never fear, because we’re here to break it down for you.

Drawstring cinch packs (#1) blew away last month’s competitors to reclaim their top spot, and the antibacterial hand spray (#4) came from out of nowhere to jump into the top five. Luminesque Pens (#5) and Round Stress Relievers (#6) stayed exactly the same. It must have been a huge shopping month, too, because medium totes (#2) and small totes (#3) had pretty impressive numbers as compared to previous rankings. There must have been a secret meeting for promotional pens that we didn’t know about, because it looks like some of them did a swap from last month: Krypton Pens (#9) fell two spaces, and the Hedgehog Pens (#7) and Cougar Pens (#10) are owed an official welcome to the list. We were happy to see the Collapsible Koozie Can Coolers (#8) back in our lives as well!

The color-changing mood cups (not pictured) fell off the charts completely after being #2 in October, and Atlas Nonwoven Totes (not pictured) fell from #4 and out of the top ten as well.

Here are a few November 2012 promo item trends you should be aware of:

Looks like we’ve got music, light, and comfort all wrapped into one trends section! First, the Ear Buds in Case strutted their stuff enough to attract attention. Okay, so they don’t have the sound quality of expensive headphones, but so what? They cost less than $2 a piece and they’re great for casual listening. Need something else to take on that family trip? The Duo LED Lantern gives a modern twist on an old-school idea — it can be used as one big light or as three smaller lights. It’s tearin’ up the charts with no sign of stopping for next time (but we’ll see)! And finally, we’ve got the Fleece Stadium Blanket, which sells like a mofo this time of year. Whether you use them for employee gifts or stocking stuffers, they’ll be a huge hit.

And the best part? All 3 of those trends are on special until the end of December 2012! That means you’ll get lower prices on them through the end of the year. Click here to see these sale products and more…

What do you think of this month’s promo item list? Anything you’re chomping at the bit to see in the trends section? What’s your favorite part about this season? Comment below!


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  1. Eric

    #4 makes some good sense, and with cold and flu season moving in, I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see that one rise up on the charts. Know I could’ve used one myself a week or so back! Preventative health care in a bottle, right there!

  2. Mikey

    These posts are always pretty neat; they let you see what does well when, and track the popularity of items from month to month. I’m definitely not surprised to see shopping-related items doing well in the lead up to the Christmas season. But, I imagine next month’s update will be filled with more cold weather gear as we get further into winter. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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