Top 10 Most Popular Promotional Products of October 2012

September’s bestselling promotional items had a few upsets, but let’s see how they performed this month.

Check out the latest, greatest, and strongest products of October…

Top-Selling Promo Items of October 2012:

October brings out the competitive streak in promo items, as you can see from the list. It was BRUTAL for products like the Round Stress Reliever (#6), Collapsible Koozie Can Coolers (not in the top 10), and the Cinch Up Backpack (#3), which all fell several spots from last month. Custom Pencils (#8) and Atlas Nonwoven Grocery Totes (#4) also took a beating in the rankings. Which items dared to challenge such high energy contenders? The Luminesque Pen (#5), the Krypton Pen (#7), and the Wolverine Pen (#10) all sneaked into October’s top 10, taking out a few previous bestsellers with them. That’s no surprise for those of you who know about our special promotion, which features not only those 3 pens but also 5 other giveaways at drastically reduced prices…

The real shock came from 3 products that have been on the lists before: The Mood Stadium Cup (#2), Rubberized Sunglasses (#9), and the Medium Eco-Friendly Non Woven Tote Bag (#1). The mood cup leapt 5 spots, the tote bag moved up 3 spots to claim the top prize, and the neon sunglasses forced their way back into our hearts after being absent for more than 2 months. You know what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder…

And don’t forget about our trending promotional products!

Since reusable acrylic tumblers are all the rage now, there are bound to be spin off products trying to outdo them. Take the Cool Acrylic Tumbler with Twisty Straw, for example. Tell me that doesn’t make you feel like a kid again! Crazy straws are underrated, and we’re excited that these cups are getting some recognition. The Glowing Golf Balls have us almost as excited; how cool would it be to play a game of golf in the dark? People have been buying these by the dozen. They even make me want to play golf, and I’m just a stress ball! And last but not least, we have the LensTek Sunglasses. They offer UVA and UVB protection from the sun AND they look super awesome at sporting events (especially if you get a big crowd wearing them).

And….that’s it. You’ve successfully read another month’s worth of promotional product progress. How do you feel?

What do you think about October’s bestsellers? Were you as surprised as we were by all of the new arrivals? How much candy did you gorge yourself on last month? Be honest.


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  1. Kelly Bird

    It’s no surprise to see any of these items on the Top 10 List. I love being able to see the rankings and what items make a comeback month after month. Love the Trend Alert too, I’ll look for them on the Top 10 in months to come. 🙂

    • Amanda

      Same here! I think these are all awesome items! I love how each month the top 10 are pretty similar–tried and true goodies. =)

  2. Eric

    It’s [hopefully] only looking ahead, but come next month, there’s the possibility of snow. I more than fully endorse our fleece hat/gloves/scarf sets. I’ve used mine on hikes, on camping trips, and surely will get more use out of them this winter. Even as a backup set to keep in the car in case of winter emergencies, it’s always a good thing to have on hand. Let’s get these up on the board, folks! 🙂

  3. Mandy Kilinskis

    It’s great to see some new products on the top 10! I absolutely love both the Krypton and Luminesque Pens, so I’m glad that they’re selling so well.

    Here’s hoping that the acrylic tumbler with crazy straw continues to climb. Drinking water during work has literally never been more fun.

  4. Rachel

    Ooh, cool stuff popping up in the Trend Alerts! Always fun to see new things — those LensTek sunglasses are especially neat! Thanks as always for the updates, Bubba 🙂

  5. Ness

    I’m thinking those LensTek sunglasses are going to be very popular by next summer!

  6. Mikey

    I’m kind of surprised with some these and how they ranked, as they seem more …”summer-y.” Like Eric mentioned, I fully expect to see our cold-weather gear rank higher in the coming months. But, time will tell. And, to be fair, crazy straws are fashionable year round!

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