Top 5 Best Beach Wedding Favors

Traditional weddings aren’t everyone’s style and that’s great! Some couples are fortunate enough to be able to hop a plane with their closest families and friends, head to an exotic location, and marry on the beach with the sand and surf in their pictures.

For those lucky couples, they may think they only thing they can give out are travel size sunscreen bottles they picked up at the drugstore. But we have tons of items that are perfectly geared towards beach weddings! Curious? Of course you are, so check out some suggestions:

As a woman writing this blog, let me tell you that walking in heels in sand is impossible. Doesn’t matter if it’s pounded sand or loose sand, it’s murder on your knees. Next to your programs at the entrance to your ceremony area, provide these Adult Flip Flops in a variety of sizes that match your wedding colors, and every woman will walk away only saying good things about your wedding (even that crazy spinster aunt of yours).

Adult Flip Flops

Adult Flip Flops

At a destination wedding your guests have tons to remember to bring: boarding passes, beach attire that they had to dig out from the back of their closet, their husband’s entire bag, so many things. Give each of your guests a pair of these Glossy Sunglasses and you won’t have to worry about providing migraine medication because they were squinting into the sun. Plus, they’re stylish and fashionable looking that with the right imprint no one will mind wearing them after your wedding!

Glossy Sunglasses

Glossy Sunglasses

Okay, your guests have their programs and now they’re sitting and finding that the cool breeze they were enjoying has stopped. Wooo! Let the sweating begin! If they had a Mini Personal Mister then while the bride is getting ready your guests could be sitting comfortably waiting for the ceremony to begin. Seriously, your bitter spinster aunt will appreciate this more than anything!

Mini Personal Mister

Mini Personal Mister

Once the wedding and reception are done and everyone is checking out of the hotel to head back to reality, what’s one thing everyone will find unique and clever? A customized Luggage Spotter Tag with a sweet message on it from you and your spouse. Each time they use that suitcase in the future they’ll be able to quickly find their bag on the carousel and remember all the fond memories from your special day.

Fragolino Luggag Spotter Tag

Luggage Spotter Tag

Love all these suggestions and want to include them all? Consider putting them all in a Zippered Boat Tote Bag. When your guests check in at the hotel, the concierge can give them their goodie bag to start their weekend on the right foot. These custom bags are large enough to throw some bottles of water and some snacks to take up to their room until the rehearsal dinner begins. Plus, they’re roomy enough to be a great weekender bag!

Zippered Boat Tote Bag

Zippered Boat Tote Bag

Planning a wedding isn’t easy, especially if you’re in the city and your wedding is on a warm and sunny beach hours away. Hopefully with these wedding favor suggestions this item on your to-do list will be the easiest one you have to accomplish! Nervous about placing your order? Our sales team members are excellent to work with and will hold your hand through the entire process.

Hankering for some more suggestions? Don’t forget to check out our wedding favor board on Pinterest for more inspiration and ideas! We keep it updated with new and exciting products for wedding favors.

Have you been to a beach wedding and received an awesome favor? What would you suggest including on this list? What’s your dream wedding destination? Shout off below!

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    Don’t forget one of these:

    Especially if you are going to an all-inclusive resort! Your guests will thank you. Don’t forget the Advil, bottled water, tums, and pepto!

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