Best-Selling Promo Items of March 2013

Top of the mornin’ to ya! Thanks for stopping by once again to see our magnificent promotional product rankings.

March was a month full of lucky charms, green shakes, and Irish jigs for me. Can’t you tell from my leprechaun costume? As you’ll see soon, I had a lot more to celebrate than just St. Patrick’s Day!

Get ready, because here come my friends:

1 - Contender Pen - mar13

2 - Rubberized Sunglasses - mar13

3 - Sani Mist Pocket Sprayers - mar13

4 - Collapsible Koozie Can Cooler - mar13

5 - Custom Frisbees - mar13

6 - Custom Pencils - mar13

7 - Cinch-Up Drawstring Backpack - mar13

8 - Alpine Aluminum Water Bottles - mar13

9 - Eco-Friendly Nonwoven Tote Bags - SM - mar13

10 - Atlas Nonwoven Grocery Tote - mar13

The Contender Pen (#1) ran over the competition by driving straight to the number 1 spot. I was surprised for a second, but then realized it’s probably because that click pen is on closeout. There’s a new design for 2013, so that one is being discontinued; you’ll have to scoot if you want to order some! Now on to the Rubberized Sunglasses (#2), which held on tight to its second-best spot from last month. The Sani-Mist Pocket Sprayer (#3) and the Collapsible Koozie Can Cooler (#4) came out of nowhere and beat a few products into oblivion, and that makes me happy because I love seeing a good fight!

You’ve probably noticed all of the red text in the rest of the listings by now, but I don’t see that as a bad thing. Every day they’re shufflin’, you know! The Custom Frisbees (#5), Custom Pencils (#6), Alpine Aluminum Water Bottle (#8), Small Eco-Friendly Nonwoven Tote Bag (#9), and the Atlas Nonwoven Grocery Tote (#10) slipped a few spaces last month. And as for the Cinch-Up Drawstring Backpack (#7), well, it disappeared from February’s list only to magically reappear at lucky number seven.

And here are your trends, party people:

Trend - Hydra Acrylic Tumbler - mar13

Trend - Palmetto Salad Container - mar13

Trend - Poncho To Go - mar13

Now these aren’t your average promotional products. The Hydra Acrylic Tumbler puts a fun spin on the popular reusable straw cup, the Palmetto Salad Container makes it easy to be a part of customers’ healthy eating habits, and the Rain Poncho to Go would be a smart addition to spring giveaways. Awww yeah!

If you didn’t see your favorite promo products here, then feel free to express your outrage in the comments section. I love answering comments almost as much as I love sugar rushes (and that’s saying a lot)!

Which of these promotional giveaways would you like to own? Do you have any questions or concerns about the rankings? Are you excited for winter to go away?

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