The Top Quality Logo Products Blog Posts of 2013

2013 brought a lot of changes to QLP and the blog: we tried some different styles of posts, we used more graphics, we lengthened our articles, and had a lot of notable firsts.

After the success of last year’s wrap up post, I decided to put together our best* blog posts from 2013 for your reading pleasure.

First, we’d like to toot our horn for a second to discuss those QLP Notable Achievements I mentioned in the first paragraph.

This year we ran our first in-depth social media promotion. We turned to Pinterest and future brides and gave away $500 in wedding favors. The turnout was incredible! We had over 200 entries, but Holli’s board took the cake (and the favors).

We also designed out first infographic during Promotional Products Work Week. Jenna put the information together and Kurt from our media team (he’s in many of our product videos) designed this gorgeous graphic.

Just in case you missed it, here it is again:

Promotional Products Work Infographic

One of our blog authors was picked to be in the Google Glass Explorer program and went to New York to pick up the glasses. QLP has had a great time using and experimenting with the gadget.

And if that wasn’t enough, we ended summer with a bang by sponsoring a giveaway with the Kane County Cougars. The fans loved the custom koozies and the QLP team enjoyed a fun Labor Day outing.

Now let’s head to the crème de la crème of the QLP blog in 2013.


Why Does My Shipping Cost So Much? All of your Promo Product Shipping Questions Answered!
If you’ve ordered promotional products before you’ve probably wondered how we calculate the shipping cost. Jenna broke down the entire shipping process and exactly what it takes to make sure your items get to you when you need them.

A Beginner’s Guide to Image File Formats
Not all image files are created equal! What’s the difference between a .gif and a .jpeg? Why do we need a vector file for your promotional product artwork? Those answers and more are explained in this post.

How to Shrink that Shirt (and Baseball Cap) to Fit YOU!
What’s awesome: getting a free shirt or cap from a cool brand. What’s not awesome: when it’s a size XL and you wear a medium. But fear not because Amy has the low down on how you can get those t-shirts and baseball caps to your perfect size.

75 Tips to Land Prospects at a Trade Show: Hook, Line, and Sinker
A lot of our customers buy their promotional items to use as giveaways at trade shows and conferences. Lots of articles give tips on how to be a success…but how many of them give 75 tips? Not many, I wager.

Which Social Media Icons and Logos Can I Print on Promo Items?
There are a ton of rules for how you can use social media icons online and offline. In this blog post I rounded up information for how you can use the icons of the most popular social networks on your promotional items.

Thrust Devices, Ferrules, Chucks…What?? The Anatomy of Pens and Pencils
You probably knew that the middle of a pen was called the barrel. But what about the clicky part? And the silver part of a pencil? Jenna lays out the anatomy of writing utensils with some gorgeous graphics.


18 Amazing Liquor Bottles You’d Buy Just For The Bottle
Whether you consider yourself an alcohol connoisseur or just have an interest in cool packaging and design, you definitely want to check out this post by Todd. This post was hot on StumbleUpon and has over 23,000 views (and growing)!

Leave the Boring Business Cards Behind: 5 Fun & Creative Ideas
Not all business cards have to be your name in a black font on a white piece of cardstock. In fact, that’s kind of dull. Amy rounded up 5 examples of super-creative business cards that nobody will be able to ignore!

14 Unfortunate Logo Perspectives You Can’t Unsee
When brands pick out a new logo they don’t always consider all the different aspects of the design. And when it comes to these 14 logos, it’s clear that some people saw them far differently than the creators. Warning: some may be a little offensive.


13 Inspiring and Motivational Quotes from ‘Adventure Time’
Whether or not you’re a fan of “Adventure Time,” you definitely have to check out this post from Jenna. These inspirational quotes from the cartoon backed with pretty, simplified images of the characters make for some dazzling and shareable content. And with over a thousand shares on Pinterest, others also agree.

How to Make Your Brand as Likable as Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence is currently America’s sweetheart, and we here at QLP are definitely not immune to her charms. We love her so much, in fact, that I wrote this blog about how you can steal her likability for your own brand. It also has a ton of gifs, so check it out.

Top 5 Cringe-Worthy Product Names and Slogan Slip-Ups
The name you give a product can be the difference between a hit and a flop. So why not learn from these companies’ mistakes? You’ll be surprised at the names and slogans these companies thought were a good idea.

10 Inspiring Quotes about Marketing from Advertising Legends
Taking inspiration from those who have come before is a great way to jumpstart your own creative juices. Knowing that, you should check out this post from Jenna that has 10 smart quotes designed into 10 great shareables.


15 Urban Dictionary Words to Add to Your Workplace Vocabulary
Have you caught yourself pixel counting? Do you suffer from reply all rage? Have you been a victim of seagull management? These phrases and more can be your new favorites after you check out this post. With over 600 Facebook shares, it’s one of our most socially-shared posts of the year.

The 10 Cubicle Commandments for a Harmonious Office Environment
If you work in a cubicle with a bunch of other people, you should highly consider printing out these commandments and hanging them on your wall. Bonus points if you print off enough for the entire office.

Culture Shock Records Rocks Social Media: Interview with Lauren Davis
It can be tough for your small business to stand out on Facebook. But one record store in Rockford, IL, Culture Shock Records, has one of the coolest social media presences out there. Check out some of their tactics with this awesome interview.

We wish all of our readers, fans, and customers a happy 2014. Stick around this year for more awesome, informational, and interesting content!

Did you read any of the articles on this list? Which one was your favorite? Any that you read that should’ve made the list? Let us know in the comments!

*Based on comments, social shares, backlinks, and overall enjoyment of writing.

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