Top-Selling Promotional Products of February 2012

Last month, we showed you the bestselling promotional products of January 2012. Ready to find out which items pulled themselves up by the bootstraps and which ones fell off the charts?

We know you’ve been waiting in anticipation, so here we go!

Top 10 Promotional Items of February 2012:

HIGHLIGHTS: Round Stress Relievers and custom Metal Water Bottles held steady at the top 2 spots last month. The Heart Stress Relievers fell a few places but aren’t ready to give up just yet. Check out those Adhesive Sticky Note Pads — they leaped from the #10 spot directly to the #3 spot in only a month! The popularity of the Small Eco-Friendly Tote Bags hasn’t diminished much, but their larger counterparts, the Medium Eco-Friendly Tote Bags, did pop up to join them on the list this time. And, last but not least, our 16-ounce Promotional Stadium Cups returned to the list in February after being absent in January. It’s a dog-eat-dog world for promotional products, apparently!

Now that you’re aware of the top 10 promotional items from February 2012, we’ll advance to The QLP Movers and Shakers section. Don’t take your eyes off these giveaways in 2012, because they’re climbing fast! Don’t worry about analyzing the trends, because we’ve already figured out which promo items are burning up the sales. Check ’em out now!

These promos were higher in the rankings this month but didn’t quite crack the top 10:

Surprise, surprise…Basketball Squeezies are making their way to the top-sellers list in early 2012. No air balls here! Plus, the Promotional Vision Grip Pen had a successful month due to its recent closeout status (this means you get an even cheaper deal!), with no signs of slowing down. And finally, we’ve spotted the Rubberized Sunglasses making their way to new heights — must be all of that brilliant sunshine we’ve been getting! Beach time, anyone?

Which promotional products will kick off our top-selling March 2012 items? Which giveaways would you like to see make the cut? We’ll see you next month!


Bubba is the Quality Logo Products mascot. He may have started out as "just a stress ball," but he's come a long way since the company's launch in 2003. Bubba has been immortalized in numerous vector artwork designs for internal and external promotions, and you can see him change outfits on the Quality Logo Products homepage whenever a holiday rolls around. Oh, and he thinks pants are for the birds. You can connect with Bubba on


  1. Bret Bonnet

    March Madness = Basketball Stress Balls

    I love March… it’s the BEST month for sports (and stress balls)

    • Jaimie Smith

      Oh yeah, Basketball stress balls will probably be a huge one this month.
      I’m not gonna lie, im kind of excited for March Madness myself.

  2. Amy Swanson

    Promo Nerd Alert: I find it really interesting when a product jumps a bunch of spaces. The Adhesive Sticky Note Pad jumped 7 spots in the course of a month?! That shiz cray! 😉

    • Rachel

      I find it interesting too! Makes you wonder what the heck happened in February that led to a sudden uptick in sticky notes …

  3. Ness

    Woo! Go round stress relievers!

  4. Eric

    Wayfarer-style sunglasses are always in.

    I usually keep a spare pair in my car in case I forget mine on a morning commute. Smart idea, and has saved me from having to squint my way to work countless times.

    Get on it, folks!

  5. Mandy Kilinskis

    Man, I did not expect the sticky notes to jump so far up this month! I guess a whole bunch of people wanted to take notes!

    I hope they can hang on to their spot in March!!

  6. Jen

    I can’t wait for those mood pencils to be in the #1 spot, they’re awesome!

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