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The Trade Show Attendee Experience as Told Through Gifs

Ah, trade shows. There’s a good chance that you’ll attend one at one point in your professional career. They are absolutely invaluable for networking, finding new vendors, and getting your hands on a bunch of new swag, but they can be pretty exhausting.

To get you properly prepared, let’s head through the convention process so that you can be ready for the next one you attend!

So you hear that there’s a trade show coming up for your industry.

emma stone shrug

And your boss says that you have to go.

weasley headshake

But then you find out that you get to be out of the office all day.

excited toddler

And they are going to buy you lunch.

annie and shirley dancing

Suddenly a trade show is the best thing in the history of the world.

barney stinson thumbs up

So you get in the car.

getting in the car

And you drive really fast to the convention center.

muppets driving

You wait in a super long line for registration.

cookie monster waiting

But then you get your badge and it’s go time.

bilbo baggins adventure

There’s a moment of shock when you realize how big the place is.

joel mchale jaw drop

And that there is an obscene amount of people in one place.

the office plague

But you get over it and it’s time to visit booths.

one direction skipping

Then you realize how much free swag is in the room.

cat grabby hands

And that it’s your new mission to collect as much as you can.

pierce evil laugh

Sometimes you have to be sneaky about getting your giveaways.

sneaky seagull

But then you remember that you’re here to network.

work adventure time

So you go to talk to someone.

flynn rider hi

And immediately realize that you don’t want to talk to this person.


But the next person you talk to is awesome.

awesome my little pony

So you exchange business cards and agree to talk later.

troy and abed handshake

But then you realize you have to do this for six more hours.

jennifer lawrence what

And six hours later you feel like this.

the office make it stop

You’re just ready for a nap.

dog puts self to sleep

But eventually you and your giant swag bag get back to the car.

dragging lilo and stitch

You go back to the office to show your coworkers all your cool new stuff.

the office michael scott entrance

You sit down to check your email and see a full inbox.

too much supernatural

So you’re like, “Forget this!” and decide to go home for the day.


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  1. Patrick

    Great work! This is really funny.

  2. Kurt Vor Broker

    Mandy this is seriously a work of art.

    • Mandy Kilinskis


      Thanks for the kind words, Kurt! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! It was lots of fun to put together. I think we’re considering making a couple more, so keep your eyes peeled!

  3. Candace

    I can’t get enough of this one! It’s hilarious and completely true! More please!

  4. Jen Prahl

    This is really funny. Thanks for making this.

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