Like all philosophical people reading their horoscopes and searching for the meaning of life, you want to know the answer to questions like “who am I?” and “what’s my place in the world?” This may be true on a personal level, but it’s also true in terms of your business identity. Feel free to squabble over the answers to these doozies with other intellectuals pompously sipping black coffee. When you are at the early stages of development, it’s likely that your business still needs to develop its brand identity.

Creating a brand identity is one of the most important things you can do to transform your company. Here’s how to make it happen!

1. The “Who” is More Important Than the “What”

With an eye-catching design, people all over the place will ask for your logo’s phone number and swipe right on its Tinder profile. But the first date will inevitably be a disaster when the customer realizes that as jaw-dropping as your logo appears, your business has the personality of a lima bean. They will move on to another company that isn’t super crazy and doesn’t tell stories about their cats. Be warned, the customer will try to convince you that “it’s them and not you.” But sorry, it is you. Remember, you are what makes your logo come alive. Part of branding is personality which should showcase who you are as an organization. Take the time to think about your business identity and make sure those traits are reflected in your logo and customer interactions.

Always Stand Out

Your personality is what sets your business apart from the other businesses out there trying to win people over with their dashing ways. This is why it’s important to secure your trademark. Do you remember the iconic 1984 Apple commercial? It condemned a sea of sameness and literally took a sledgehammer to the uniformity of a mass population. You are not like the others. You are your own company. Whatever the case, you will end up losing customers’ interests if you establish your business identity based on what you think it’s supposed to look like. Your logo shouldn’t define your personality, instead your business personality should be represented by your logo. It’s superficial to think that a dazzling logo and sleek commercials will be enough to win over your customers’ hearts.

2. Authenticity is Greater Than Unreliability

Your logo looks good and you’ve established your brand voice. So now it’s time to stick to your business identity and let the world know who you are. There’s no right personality for your business. On the contrary, there’s only the one distinct personality that makes sense for you. It’s important to stay true and walk the walk in terms of your marketing strategy. Ask yourself:

Have your cake and eat it too

If you want to have your cake and eat it too…

After your self-reflection, you’ve come to the conclusion that you’re the kind of company that wants to have it all. You’re a company that will not hesitate to take the last slice of cake at a birthday party. And you deserve it! You have big dreams and don’t want to compromise. In this case, umbrella branding is your ideal marketing strategy. Apple, the very same company that shunned uniformity, uses this strategy by offering a wide variety of products that feature their logo. They are not shy about wanting it all and continuing to expand their brand so that they can have it all. How about them apples

If you want to be supportive…

Let’s say you’re inspired by famous duos like Romy and Michele, Shaggy and Scooby, and Tom and Jerry. If you work better with a partner, then maybe you’d like to try co-branding with another company. This has proved to be immensely successful in many cases such as Bonne Belle & Dr. Pepper who introduced a lip balm featuring the soda’s distinguishable flavor. Lip balm and soda are about as much of allies as bacon and peanut butter, but there’s a dish out there called the Elvis Sandwich that was named after the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll and has a huge following. It just goes to show that anything is possible.

If you want to be mysterious…

You lurk in the shadows and churn out quality work, unbeknownst to the general public. Think about it in terms of Bruce Wayne who acts vigilante under the alias of Batman. The Caped Crusader takes the credit for Wayne’s smarts and lethal prowess. You are not necessarily seeking the fame and praise, you just take pride in producing great products. In this case, private branding is your ideal marketing strategy. Private branding, also known as white label branding, gives you the opportunity to save costs since the marketer is invested in selling the product. Often times these products are considered “store brand” and are sold at a discounted rate. In other words, think of private branding as your opportunity to be the hero that Gotham deserves

If you want to be modest…

Maybe you’re not really a flashy company and have a laidback attitude. In this case, generic branding fits perfectly with your sensibilities. This is a product that is sold at a
much lower cost than a brand name product. It’s not about having a splashy logo or recognizable name, it’s about offering a product that meets your consumer’s needs. You’re sharing shelf space with the more recognized brands and so you have an equal chance of being a contender. Take for instance off-brand cola, which has a similar taste as Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is clearly a juggernaut company, but with generic branding the off-brand colas can consider themselves the Rocky Balboa of sodas. They are underdogs who are willing to compete with the heavyweights.

It’s important to remember that all of these marketing strategies are effective in their own way. It’s about utilizing the one that makes sense in relation to your brand identity. So if you find yourself to be a modest company with a singular vision, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to explore umbrella branding. That isn’t to say your personality can’t adjust in the future, but think about your present business “self” when making decisions.

3. Your Brand Deserves to be in Everyone’s Hands

You’ve got the personality and a marketing strategy. Now, you just need to put yourself out there and stand loud and proud. This can be easily done by putting your logo on promotional products that embody your brand identity such as the ones offered at Quality Logo Products®. Find a product that is in line with your brand voice. For instance, if you pride yourself on being a prideful company with a superiority complex, maybe you want your logo to grace a round compact mirror.  If you want to be a company that supports other businesses and has a friendly vibe, consider handing out smiley face stress relievers. Whatever your style, give your business identity its due consideration in making your choices.

The colors you choose for your promotional products,  your intentions with those products, and your decision on customization also reflect upon your brand identity. No matter what you’re looking for, we have something to fit any business personality. So…

  • Carefully consider the services you offer and how that can be best-represented with color. For instance, if you want to convey sophistication and poise then you may want to stick to neutral shades or darker hues like plum, navy, or burgundy. Maybe you’re a company that is as American apple pie and down to Earth in the vein of Chevy and Ford. Then let reds, whites, and blues be your guide. Whatever the case, your brand identity can be reflected by your color scheme.
  • Ask yourself: how am I going to go about distributing these promotional products? If you’re a generous business, you’ll probably give customers free giveaways. Or maybe you value loyalty and want to go for more pricey choices for your elite customer base. At any rate, when you order promotional products you need to have some game plan for them. Relying on your brand voice can help guide your decision.
  • The customization of your order is another way you can display your brand voice. If you like variety and switching things up, you may reflect that in ordering an assortment of colors. Or maybe you are prideful and want to show off your brand from any angle. In this case, you might opt for multiple imprint locations. The appearance of your products reflects on your business identity so give it due consideration.

All areas of the order of promotional products can reflect upon your brand identity so it’s worth taking the time to self-reflect and ask yourself how you want to be represented.

Promote Your Brand

So “what is the meaning of life?” The answer is there is no answer. Your mind is blown, right? The more important question to be asking is: “what is our meaning of life in terms of our business identity?” Your unique story is what sets you apart from the countless other businesses that are trying to appeal to their customers. You’ll create a long-standing, meaningful relationship with your clientele by offering them a recognizable and interesting voice and remaining authentic. Ultimately, it’s worth taking the time to self-reflect, so get lost in your own thoughts and be the company that you aspire to be.

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