Most working professionals are all too familiar with the afternoon crash and the subsequent writer’s block that often follows. Sometimes, even simply playing tic-tac-toe on your notebook or wandering to the water cooler doesn’t even do the trick. No matter your job title, hitting a roadblock during the work day is something we can all relate to. Those shared experiences make for some of the most effective branding opportunities, and we’ve selected the top promos that will keep the juices flowing. These brain teasers not only serve as a release for overworked brains, but they also strengthen your problem-solving skills in the process!

Put a Cube in Your Cubicle

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you’re all too familiar with the compulsive pen clickers, tappers, and pencil chewers. Heck, maybe you’re even a pen tapper yourself! Imagine having a more discreet replacement for your fidgeting needs that won’t result in angry glares from your co-workers across the room (we’re looking at you, Karen!)

Perfect for those moments when you feel like you’ve hit a creative roadblock, the spinning fun cube is a great way to relieve work-related stress. They’re even shown to benefit students who struggle with ADHD. Pop one into your pocket while heading into that performance review or calculus exam and you just might feel more relaxed!

Do the Robot!

On Fridays, it’s not unusual to feel so excited for the weekend that you just want to jump out of your seat and do the robot. While your colleagues may not appreciate the outburst quite as much as you would, there’s a more socially acceptable option that also strengthens your problem-solving skills.

It definitely doesn’t beat doing the actual robot during office hours, but this custom puzzle robot puts your problem-solving skills to the test. If you ever catch yourself doodling on your agenda, it’s probably a sign you need to bust out your puzzle robot and get to work!

Brain Food for Thought

If you really feel like working your problem-solving skills to the core, look no further than the Brainstring Advanced! The goal of completing this puzzle is to untangle the knot inside so that no strings are touching each other.  All you need to do is move the colorful tips around the outside of the surface to adjust the string inside of the ball!

Perfect for taking some downtime during your lunch break, this custom puzzle will allow your customers or employees to use their noodles while still taking that much-needed moment to decompress. After all, one can only listen to so many phones ringing before they start to lose it!

While brain teasers are only one of the latest trends, there’s no telling what fad will catch on next. To stay up to date on the most modern promotional product trends, check out the New Products section of our website!

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Kelsey Skager

Kelsey is a master of promotional products with over five years of marketing and industry experience. She is proud to have been featured on ABC 7 Chicago News and NPR.