Who needs fancy fabrics like cashmere, chiffon, lace, muslin, and satin when you have canvas? That’s right. Canvas is definitely the COOL fabric in today’s world. Well, at least it is in the promotional products world. Because it’s all the rage, at Quality Logo Products®, we have over 450 trendy canvas products available on our website for all your canvas branding needs!

Canvas is on trend and it can create true works of branding masterpieces. Here’s some inspiration!

Tell Me More About Canvas

The word canvas has a Latin origin, derived from the word, “hemp,” so clearly, canvas isn’t a new material in the world! People have been using this fabric since the 15th century for various products, especially for paintings since there were no cell phones to take photos!

Since canvas threads are tightly woven together, it makes the fabric extremely sturdy and durable. In some cases, canvas can also be waterproof—but we don’t recommend throwing your canvas bag in the ocean to test it out. Because of these factors, canvas is used to make a plethora of products including canoes, boat covers, storefront awnings, sails, backpacks, shoes, tote bags, or purses. You name it, and it can probably be made from canvas!

Canvas is especially great for custom tote bags, backpacks, and all kinds of promotional products! The strength of the tightly woven fabric allows canvas totes and backpacks to carry heavy loads with ease without falling apart. The smoothness of the fabric also allows your brand’s logo to be imprinted easily regardless of method, whether it’s screen-printing or embroidery.

Canvas to the Branding Rescue

We know what you’re thinking:  a canvas canoe with my brand on it sounds like a great idea! Well, we know it’s crazy, but we do NOT actually sell canoes at Quality Logo Products®. That being said, we have other fun custom canvas products like tote bags, vanity bags, and even padfolios.

Large Cotton Canvas Yacht Tote

Whether you’re a busy student carrying books, a hardworking mom toting around diaper bag essentials, or a conscientious millennial packing avocados and vegan meatballs into your own reusable bag, this sturdy Cotton Canvas Yacht Tote will keep your belongings secure and looking trendy wherever you go.

Allure Cosmetic Bag

Makeup enthusiasts will be SUPER jealous of your imprinted canvas Allure Cosmetic Bag. With a trendy dash of neon color near the bottom, it will automatically catch the eyes of whoever is nearby.

Northwest Zippered Padfolio

Your colleagues will gasp in amazement at the canvas cover of your custom Northwest Zippered Padfolio! Its neutral colors will match with any business attire you may have, so you can stroll into your meeting looking like the trendiest person in the room.

At Quality Logo Products®, we’re all about offering you the trendiest promotional products. Promoting your brand with sturdy and durable canvas products will keep your business on the forefront of customers’ minds for many years to come!

About the author

Kyrsten Ledger

Kyrsten is a promo expert with a passion for branding . Her vast knowledge of promotional giveaways and marketing has led to several articles and published work for PPB Magazine, a publication from the Promotional Products Association International.