The sky is the limit for where you can advertise your brand. Seriously, it’s not uncommon for a plane to carry a banner with a company name or marketing message. Granted, you usually need binoculars to read what’s printed, but that’s beside the point. Putting your brand high above everyone else is a great way to set yourself apart, and you can bring the spirit of aerial advertising to your next promotional event with custom kites and gliders from Quality Logo Products®!

Obviously, it would be pretty sweet to have your company name on the side of an airplane or in neon lights on a blimp. We’d like to think personalized kites and fun promotional gliders are the next best thing! This is your chance to soar above the competition and make a major impression with your customers.

Fly Like an Eagle at Outdoor Events

Kites have been around for over 2,500 years, with paper ones being flown in ancient China. Fast forward to 1996, and kite running became a national pastime in Afghanistan. People all over the world enjoy playing with kites!

If the weather is nice, print your logo on classic diamond kites or Delta Dancer Kites. Bring these high-flyers to a community picnic or festival, and fingers will point directly to your brand.

Put the Show in Trade Show

You can also take your brand beyond the outside skies. If you want to delight attendees at your next trade show, look no further than custom gliders. You know that annoying guy at the mall who plays with a remote control airplane? Well, that could be you!

Toss these gliders above the crowd and watch as waves of people come running over to your booth. Clearly, that guy at the mall is doing something right!

Rock It with Football Rockets

Another option is to give promotional football rockets to guests. Let’s face it, nobody really wants to grow up and most of us haven’t. No judgment if you still sleep with rocket sheets and a huggable teddy bear. This is why a classic NERF-style toy is the perfect promo item to print with your company name or logo!

People of any age love a good promo football rocket. Whether at a community picnic or the game day tailgate, your brand will bring the fun to any occasion!

At Quality Logo Products®, we’re all about staying on top of the latest and greatest in promotional product trends! Check out any of our full selection of custom flying products and bring your branding to new heights!

If you’re curious to see everything we have to offer, check out all of our trends! Stay with the times and shop our wide variety of new products for the guaranteed lowest price and personable, one-on-one service you won’t find anywhere else!

About the author

Alyssa Mertes

Alyssa is a promo expert with over four years of experience in the industry. She is the Lead Copywriter at Quality Logo Products and has had work published for the Promotional Products Association International and the Advertising Specialty Institute.