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Trend Alert: Fitness Promotional Products

Trend Alert: Strengthen Your Brand with Fitness Promotional Products

It’s the middle of February. Have you stuck to your New Year’s resolution of working out more? No? Same here! That being said, there’s nothing like fitness promotional items to get you back on the exercise horse! Your clients will be excited to hit up the gym or go to yoga so they can show off your brand on their trendy custom resistance bands, custom yoga mats, and promotional cooling towels.

Whether they’re actually using your promos or just snapping a selfie with them at the gym, fitness promotional products are all the rage in the marketing world!

Tone Those Muscles

Exercise Resistance BandCustom resistance bands are a great way to get in shape, whether you’re using them for strength training or for some kind of physical therapy. They allow the free range of motion of your muscles, which puts lesser amounts of stress on your body.

The exercise resistance band is great for exercising on the go. It’s small enough to pack in any suitcase or backpack so your clients can get a quick workout in on a business trip or between classes at school. The handles lock together for easy storage, so if you’re not traveling with the resistance band, you can easily hang it on a hook at home next to your coat or your favorite picture of Conor McGregor.

Zen Master

Two-Tone Double Layer Yoga MatThere’s a high chance a large portion of your customers practice yoga. According to a 2016 Yoga in America Study, 36.7 million people participate in yoga, which was an increase of nearly 80% from just four years prior! If you want to hand out an extremely useful promo at your next event, go with custom yoga mats. Whenever your customers want to zen out, they’ll be sure to get a daily dose of your brand!

This two-tone double layer yoga mat will give your clients pure Ananda, or for those of you who need to brush up on your Sanskrit:  pure bliss. You might even get some people to try yoga for the first time when you hand them this promo gem!

Time to Chill

Athletic Cool Down TowelAfter an intense workout, it can be extremely difficult to get your heart rate back to normal or to stop sweating. Custom cooling towels can help you do the trick! Professional athletes like John Tavares, Serena Williams, Drew Brees, and Dwayne Wade all have been known to use cooling towels.

Give your customers similar resources to the pros with this athletic cool down towel! They’ll be eternally grateful for your brand when they reach for their promo cooling towel after running a 5K on a 95°F day! There’s no better sight for a runner than a refreshing bottle of water and an instant cooling towel after a long, tough race.

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    Exercise equipment would be great as a promotional product since it urges the person to have a balanced lifestyle..

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