Imagine being transported back in time where men sported fedoras and overcoats while women looked chic in their dresses with fur shoulder shawls. The glitz and the glamour of being underneath a cinema sign on main street could take anyone’s breath away. Back in the 30s, cinemas were all the rage with most people attending twice a week for entertainment. Don’t get us wrong, the films were exciting to watch, but it was the aesthetic cinema light boxes that drew people in.

Nowadays, movie theaters without the Hollywood-style atmosphere, Blu-rays, and DVDs have replaced old-school cinemas. Fortunately, you can bring a piece of history home with personalized light boxes! From inspiring messages to friendly reminders, light boxes are a great way to communicate information in a way that’s bright and fun!

Product Idea 1: LED Cinema Box

LED light box

It’s almost impossible to log on to social media without seeing a personalized sign in someone’s home, backyard, or in someone’s hands. For the first day of school, a birthday or an anniversary, or a countdown to an upcoming vacation, custom signs are being used everywhere!

If you’re tired of handwritten or felt signs and want something more dazzling, try writing your message on a LED Cinema Box! This light box is battery-operated making it portable and usable wherever you go.  Not sure what to put on your sign? Go with something inspirational or a funny inside joke to lighten up your cinema box.

Product Idea 2: Cinema Box Keychain

keychain light box

Have you ever left your house knowing deep down that you had something going on that day, but couldn’t remember what? Sure, you have a calendar hanging in your office or a notepad somewhere on your kitchen table, but honestly who looks at those on their way out the door? Have no fear because we have a solution! With a light box keychain, you can always have a reminder.

Next time you grab your car keys to leave the house, you’ll remember that doctor’s appointment or parent-teacher conference. Move over Post-its because these mini light boxes are the perfect way to remember things on the go! Employees, clients, or even family members are sure to love these trendy light-up message keychains.

Product Idea 3: Small & Large Light Boxe

large and small light box

There are many ways to use your light box, and with different sized boxes, you can find which one best meets your needs. The Small Cinema Light Box comes with plenty of space for those that want to display simple messages, however if you’re a go big or go home type of person, check out the Large Cinema Light Box. The large light box is twice the size of the small one, giving you extra space for when you have a lot more to say.

A cinema light box can spark your creativity by providing the opportunity to express yourself in a YOUnique way. Whether you want to make your office feel more like home or decorate your dorm room, your message will shine bright no matter what size you choose!

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