Step aside primary and secondary colors! Metallic colors are currently making the biggest impact on the look and design of promotional products. They seemingly glimmer and twinkle when the light catches them just right, and even give off a trendy, rustic vibe.

Metallic koozies, pens, and water bottles are a surefire way to make a bold statement at any event or occasion!

Elegance with Silver and Gunmetal

If you want to make an edgy, yet classy impression at your next trade show, don’t be afraid to go with silver or gunmetal products. Silver is a rich color associated with luxury, so it will always have a dashing and timeless look, whether it’s in engagement rings or the tableware you break out of the cupboard only for holidays. On the other hand, gunmetal is a couple of shades darker than silver, resulting in products having a bold, sleek, and smoldering aura, commonly found in car paint or men’s wedding rings.

These silver and gunmetal Rollerball Pens will make your customers feel like writing royalty. They’ll be proud to show off your brand with the bold and sophisticated look. They’ll draw attention as your clients jot down important notes at their next meeting or sign a card for their daughter’s birthday.

Save Your Pennies for Copper

When you think of copper, chances are the penny comes to mind! This metal isn’t just used for the coins you put in your piggy bank. Copper is now a fashionably trendy color! It offers a warmer tone than stainless steel, and its bronze-pink hue also makes for a remarkably edgy accent to any outfit, home décor, or promotional product!

Whether your clients are busy running from meeting to meeting or are relaxing on their back porch watching the sunset, a copper Peristyle Bottle with your brand proudly displayed will have your clients looking trendier than ever! Its sturdy, stainless steel vacuum double walls keep their beverage ice cold, even in the heat of a long day.

Calling All ‘49ers

For centuries, gold has been a sought-after commodity for jewelry, money, and various other adornments. The ancient Egyptians used it during mummification, and later on, Americans raced to the West Coast during the mid-1800s in hopes of finding little nuggets of precious gold.

Unfortunately, these custom can holders aren’t solid gold, they’re neoprene. That being said, the luxurious, classic hue will add a pop of color and turn heads towards your brand at every event!

Sparkle your brand’s way into your customers’ next party with these metallic gold custom metallic products. To stay on top of the latest promotional product trends, check out all the new products on our website!

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