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Trend Alert: Tech for Any Occasion!

The world is probably not going to be taken over by robots any time soon. Seriously, The Terminator may have predicted cyborgs roaming free in 2029, but rest assured, Skynet won’t destroy our world. At least not yet. That’s why it’s safe for you to get on board with the tech craze and offer your customers something fun like multi-use tech products!

With the latest viral videos, Snapchat contests, and time-wasting apps, this is clearly a digital world. You can be the brand that comes through in any situation with multi-use tech gadgets!

What do we mean by multi-use? To put it simply, they’re traditional custom tech products, like chargers and phone holders, you can use in unexpected ways. Not unexpected like they’ll pay your car payment and make you a home-cooked meal, but still pretty cool! These items have more than one function and offer double the branding potential!

Let’s Get Technical

Custom charger with multiple USBsIn this day and age, it’s not enough to be just a single-use charger. You need to go for something with extra flair in order to get your brand noticed.

Try printing your logo or advertising message on a multifunctional product like a charger with 3 USB ports. This charging buddy keeps multiple devices full of juice at once with an ample power source. Simply plug the USB into your device and into the power source, and you’ll be at 100% before you know it! Now you’re out of excuses for why you couldn’t return that call to your parents right away! Multi-use chargers in bulk

Your customers will turn to this practical item time and time again, which is even more advertising bang for your buck! If they are in a bind and need a quick charge, they’ll grab this multi-functional charger and impress their friends and loved ones. They’ll ask, “hey where did you get that nifty charger?” and your customers will proudly point them directly to your logo.


Get a Grip

Promotional Phone Grip In this busy world, we spend most of our time on the go. This means you need something practical to make sure your customers notice your brand anywhere they go!

In this go, go, go world, your customers probably have a busy day ahead of them. Be the brand that keeps them on the move with a multi-use grip holder. Not only does it work for any cell phone, but it’s also handy for holding cords, keeping towels properly hung, and as a makeshift Band-Aid.Custom phone grip

Not to mention, if you are known for being clumsy, this phone grip keeps your precious cell phone firmly in your grasp. This means you can rest easier knowing you don’t have to worry so much about a cracked screen. Stick your finger through the grip and go about doing everything from parkour to ice skating without worrying about your phone slipping and falling to its doom.


Hold the Phone!

Phone Stand with Microfiber ClothWhether your customers are bored at their desk or sharing a viral video with their friends, they’ll be sure to appreciate a custom phone accessory with a little extra flair.

Another fun promo giveaway is a phone stand with a built-in microfiber cloth. We know your customers are still sending text messages and posting status updates after they eat that greasy bag of potato chips. A handy microfiber cloth keeps their screen clean, making them happy with your brand. Custom phone stand with cleaning cloth

Maybe your customers aren’t too worried about keeping their screen clean. In that case, the attached pocket is perfect storage for their credit cards and IDs. Remove the microfiber cloth and put your Visa and driver’s license in its place. This makes it easier to order a pizza from your desk next time you forget to bring your lunch to work!


At Quality Logo Products®, we’re all about staying on top of the latest and greatest in promotional product trends. Looking for even more? Visit all of our trend alert blogs to find the stylish promos you need for your next event!

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