Think about how many times you grab a glass at home for something to drink. Your customers could be going for a glass with your logo on it, serving guests, or posting pictures all with your brand at the forefront. Glassware is a timeless and practical promotional item, but a new trend is on the horizon! You can’t wow your customers with plain clear-colored drinkware. Colored-bottom glasses are a trendy way to stand out and make your brand memorable. Get in on the colored-bottom glassware trend while it’s hot!

Product Idea 1: Colored Bottom Pint Glass

Promotional Pint Glasses with Color

Ideal for a refreshing beer, soda, or enjoying a glass of water, pint glasses are the perfect size for nearly any beverage. Consider getting a branded pint glass with a colored bottom to match your logo for your restaurant or bar! Gift baskets are especially popular for benefits and fundraisers, and what better way to get your brand noticed than with your logo on a set of pint glasses in a beer-themed basket. Choose from a variety of colors to make your glasses stand out or match your logo.

Product Idea 2: Colored Bottom Shot Glass

Colored Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are a small and cost-effective gift for weddings or a restaurant grand-opening and can be used for more than just letting loose on Friday night. Put your wedding date on a colored-bottom shot glass and fill them with candy for a wedding favor or serve small desserts in them at your bakery! The colored bottom adds a memorable flair and stands out among plain-colored glasses.

Product Idea 3: Colored Bottom Stemless Wine Glass

Stemless wine glass with colorful bottom

Stemless wine glasses are super trendy and make a stylish marketing item or gift. The base of the glass offers steady support, making it less likely to fall over compared to a stemmed glass. Add a color to the base to give your logo a unique style. The convenient shape of a stemless wine glass makes them useful for more than just enjoying a buttery chardonnay. Encourage your customers to use the glass as a bud vase or makeup brush holder.

At the end of the day, glassware is a functional product nearly anyone can use, and it will never go out of style. At Quality Logo Products®, we’re always on top of the latest trends so you can deliver the most popular promotional items to your customers to build your brand. Get started on your order of custom glassware for your wedding, restaurant, or fundraiser!

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