Glitter and polka dots were popular trends in their heyday. During the Prohibition Era, flappers wore flashy sequins while dancing the Charleston. In the 50s, it was all about looking like Twister boards and eating at the local diner. Today, we are keeping it much more modern with speckled drinkware.

The speckled look isn’t quite polka dots and not quite glitter, but the magical place in between. Imagine a blacktop being drawn on with sidewalk chalk. Little dots form on the pavement from dropping the chalk and kicking it around. Plus, if it’s a windy day your hopscotch board suddenly ends up a spotted mess. Speckled drinkware achieves this look without the chalky residue!

Product Idea 1: Speckled Water Bottle

If you’re tired of water bottles with no pizzazz, this is the look for you! A stainless steel speckled water bottle is a modern alternative to traditional drinkware. While everyone else is sipping from plastic cups, your customers will stay hydrated and trendy. Guaranteed, their drinkware will be the talk of the water cooler.

Of course, the office isn’t the only place for speckled water bottles. College campuses can make these bottles part of their bookstore and add the team mascot or school name. Better yet, hand them out during orientation night and welcome everyone to the campus. Students will have a stylish way to sip water throughout boring lectures and late night study sessions. Meanwhile, parents will have a memory of their kid to bring home so they don’t have to cry at old baby pictures.

Product Idea 2: Speckled Drink Tumbler

Most of us are still alive thanks to the rejuvenating powers of caffeine. There’s simply no way we’d be able to handle our daily tasks without coffee or tea. This is why speckled vacuum tumblers make such great giveaways for your customers.

This portable drinkware achieves a look that’s completely unique. It’s almost as if a starving artist flicked their paintbrush at the cups over and over in an attempt to be progressive and edgy. The end result is anything but pretentious – it’s a trendy way to bring your favorite hot drink anywhere you go! Of course, artsy folks aren’t the only ones who need to be fueled by caffeine. That’s why this eye-catching drinkware is awesome for a variety of promotional events.

Product Idea 3: Speckled Coffee Mug

The best part about camping is making s’mores over the warm fire. The speckled campfire mug appears to be decorated by the ash popping up out of the flames. Your customers will have the same cozy feeling without being forced to sing “Kumbaya.”

Either way, these trendy mugs give your customers something to sing about. Bring them along to your next trade show or promotional event. They’ll be a lot more exciting than business cards of brochures. At the end of the day, it’s simply impossible to have too many coffee mugs. Your customers will be happy to add this stylish option to their kitchen cabinet. In fact, they may even use it every single day!

Whether you go with speckled water bottles with logo or super sleek custom travel mugs, this is a trend worth trying! If speckled isn’t really your thing, you can also hand out any of our other trendy products at your next promotional event.

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