Do you have an epic event around the corner and need a way to wow all your guests? It’s time to retire boring party tricks like flipping plastic water bottles or bouncing coins into solo cups. Get your hands on fidget spinner bottle openers from Quality Logo Products® to really get the party started!

Kids all over the world fell in love with fidget spinners. Think of these whirling bottle openers as the grown-up version of the toys. Bring them along to any place adults gather like golf outings, beer tastings, or Sunday brunch.

Fidget spinner bottle openers will turn heads and are a great way to stay top of mind with customers. They also give them something to do if the event takes a boring turn!

Product Idea 1: Printed Spinners

Spinning Bottle Openers

You can combine two great promotional items into one with fidget spinner bottle openers. If you have a promotional event around the corner and need a great way to get attention, you can’t go wrong with these unique promotional products. Pop a top and get the crowd excited at your next event!

These fun, practical items make excellent giveaways for trade shows or conventions. While the rest of the booths are putting people to sleep, you’ll be winning over a new group of customers. Better yet, bring these spinning bottle openers to a company meeting and pass out a bunch of brews to your team. You just reached a company milestone and the office deserves something a little more special than paper cups at the water cooler.

Product Idea 2: Marketing Spinners 

Bottle Opener Fidget Spinners

Imagine you’re getting married in less than two weeks. Typical favors like small scented candles or hard candies seem like a lackluster way to thank your guests for attending. Plus, these boring giveaways are likely to end up right in the garbage.

Kick it up a notch with fun spinner bottle openers. Even if your guests have a particularly exciting reception, we’re willing to bet they’ll pick up a bottle again in the future! Come through with personalized giveaways that help them remember the good time they had at your wedding. A couple that gives out branded fidget spinner bottle openers together definitely stays together. Make sure these giveaways are a part of the Big Day.

Product Idea 3: Spinning Bottle Opener With Carabiner

Bottle Opener & Fidget Spinner

The wheels will be in motion at your next tailgate with this fun alternative to traditional bottle openers. A spinner bottle opener with an attached carabiner is easy to clip to your pants or bag. You’ll be the hero who comes through with an eye-catching way to keep the good time flowing.

It won’t matter if you watch the kicker shank an easy field goal at the stadium. Not only will this fun promo item provide temporary stress relief, it’ll also open your suds. Think of it as double the distraction if game day takes a drastic turn. Plus, you need some way to open that overpriced beer at the game. Still, it’s not all doom and gloom. When your team scores the game winning touchdown, you’ll be the cool one in the crowd who can celebrate in style with a spinning bottle opener!

You’ll never cause a party foul again with custom fidget spinner bottle openers. These fun giveaways start at just under $1 each and are available in a variety of bright colors!

If you’re still thirsty for the trendiest promos, take a look at any of the new products available on our website. Better yet, find unique promotional items in any of our Trend Alert posts. No matter what, we have the giveaways you need to make your next event a huge success!

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