We’re willing to bet your favorite hat has holes and loose fabrics you don’t have it in your heart to snip. Despite its shabby appearance, you’ll likely hold on to that hat for the rest of forever. After all, 11% of people wear the same hat every day. You can take advantage of humankind’s love for headwear with washed baseball caps from Quality Logo Products®!

There’s something timeless about a worn-in baseball hat. Luckily, you can get that vintage style without having to drop your hat in the dirt and stomping on it repeatedly. Perfect for sports teams, golf outings, or school fundraisers, these custom hats will easily become an essential part of any wardrobe.

Product Idea 1: Classic Baseball Hat

Custom Worn Baseball Caps

Perhaps the most obvious place for these worn-in baseball caps is the ball field. Paired with your team’s throwback jerseys, these washed caps have a found-on-the-baseball diamond vibe you won’t get with a hat right off the rack.

The best part about this old-school promo is the sense of legacy it creates on the field. From pitcher to right field, these old-school hats makel your team seem like they’ve been knocking it out of the park since circa 1869 – the same time the MLB hosted its first game between the Cincinnati Red Stockings and the Great Westerns of Cincinnati. Seriously, your team is good enough to have a place in slugger history! Send that message with threadbare baseball caps.

Product Idea 2: Mesh Baseball Hat

Promotional Worn Baseball Hats

Do you remember when trucker hats were all the rage in the 2000s? Me neither. At least, I’m sure we’re all trying to forget how influential Ashton Kutcher was in the trend department. Shudder.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, or just want to bring back an old fad, print your logo on washed hats with a mesh back. These giveaways are perfect for fishing trips, golf outings, hiking expeditions, or any other trek into the great outdoors. Not only will your customers keep the blistering sun and pesky bugs at bay, they’ll also be able to show off your logo for everyone to see! Come through with an eye-catching design and offer a variety of bold colors.

Product Idea 3: Two Tone Baseball Hat

Promotional Baseball Hats

Maybe your customers don’t have an athletic bone in their body and don’t know a grand slam from a hole in the ground. Don’t worry, they can still enjoy the timeless look of a stonewashed cap.

If this promotional product is anything, it’s extremely versatile and exciting to receive. Whether you’re looking for a giveaway for your next trade show or just want to sell custom merchandise in your gift shop, these custom hats are the perfect piece of attire to have on hand. Even if you’re a new startup, you’ll seem like a long-running company with vintage baseball caps.

Shop any of our trendy giveaways for your next promotional event. These promos will never go out of style and will always show how forward-thinking you are as a company.

At Quality Logo Products®, we’re all about staying on top of the latest and greatest in promotional product trends. Try any of our washed baseball caps today and get to new branding heights! If you’re ready to stay with the in-crowd, you can always find your next promo in our new products!

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