If you’re an international spy, which let’s face it you probably are, it’s important to keep things hidden from the public. In the days of whistleblowers and security leaks, our privacy is more important now than ever before. It’s time to shake up your marketing like a James Bond martini and promote your brand with custom webcam covers!

We can’t all be into espionage. Perhaps you work remote and tune into weekly meetings via Skype. Maybe you have a really popular YouTube channel where you do acoustic covers of New Kids on the Block songs. Either way, promotional webcam covers are (oh, oh, oh-o-oh) the right stuff. These custom covers slide right over your webcam lens and easily open or close. Every time your customers sit at their desk and look at their screen, they’ll get a quick glimpse of your brand.

Product Idea 1: Colorful Webcam Cover

custom webcam covers

The webcam came onto the scene in 1991, less than 10 years after the internet was invented. Interestingly enough, it was created so hardworking professionals at Cambridge University didn’t have to get up to make coffee before the pot was empty. The researchers simply wanted to monitor the coffee in the breakroom. If it was still brewing, they didn’t have to get up from their desks to go make a fresh pot. Needless to say, their brain power was going toward a worthwhile cause!

Fast forward to today and we’re using the webcam for more than just our daily caffeine fix. It’s now a staple of online communication, putting a face to the person behind the monitor. The one downfall of this tech favorite is it’s easy to forget the footage is running. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that with an eye-catching promo like the Security Webcam Cover. Available in 10 bold colors, this privacy protector is sure to keep your secrets nice and safe.

Product Idea 2: Sleek Webcam Cover

promotional webcam covers

There are times in life when you need to go incognito. Maybe you’re planning a surprise party for your nosy in-laws or scouting the pricing at a competitor’s store. For those moments where you need to be shrouded in mystery, you can’t go wrong with a classic Web Cam Cover.

This useful promo has your logo or text ink-printed right on the front cover. You can choose from 15 imprint colors and hand them out to your computer crazy customers. Better yet, give them to everyone in the office to put over their lenses at the end of the work day. Now you can rest easier knowing no one will get an unsolicited peek into your headquarters.

Product Idea 3: Aluminum Webcam Cover

personalized webcam covers

You take a lot of pride in your digital devices and want your accessories to look just as sleek. In that case, you can stay incognito with an aluminum webcam cover! It’s just as functional as the plastic options, but has a bit of a more sophisticated edge.

Choose from either black or silver to match your iPad or monitor. With a laser engraving, you’ll be able to keep your personal information discreet in a stylish way. Hackers will be too impressed with this classy touch to even try and get access to your information. Plus, they’ll be able to see your company logo right on the front and maybe give up their life of crime to work with you instead. You never know!

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