Even though the days of wood paneling on the side of your mom’s station wagon are long gone, the appeal of woodgrain is making a comeback! From home décor to promotional products, this sleek design is taking the world by storm. Its warm tone and organic vibe make for a look that everyone is proud to carry around with them. Don’t believe us? Just take a peek inside your nearest Target store to catch the woodgrain trend lining the shelves in nearly every aisle! You might even spot a wild hipster searching for a stylish coffee table.

Have no fear! We won’t be encouraging you to install 90’s wood paneling on your living room walls or begging you to purchase brand new kitchen cabinets. We’re here to break down the latest trend and detail how it can take your brand to greater heights!

Put a Cap on It

Whether it’s the coldest of winter nights or the hottest day of the summer, your clients will want a reusable water bottle to quench their thirst. The Native Wooden Vacuum Insulated Bottle will help them reduce their plastic consumption, one refill at a time!

Your employee break room is probably burning through disposable cups like there’s no tomorrow, and you’re searching high and low for a solution that will put an end to your never-ending plastic purchases. Why not gift your employees a custom water bottle that features double wall vacuum insulation? They’ll be proud to carry a sleek water bottle featuring their favorite brand.

Wood You Jot That Down?

We’ve all been there: You hopped the train to work and are settling into your seat to brace for the 45 minute ride. You go to jot some notes down for your upcoming meeting, only to realize the notebook in your bag leaves much to be desired. Nothing’s worse than whipping out a Lisa Frank journal when you’re decked out in your favorite suit and tie!

For those moments when you wish you had a professional notebook that reflects your personal style, the woodgrain journal is your best bet! With such a sophisticated product, you won’t have to worry about clients being embarrassed about representing your brand.

Branding at Its Brightest

This next trend is so bright your clients will need shades! You may have searched high and low for a promo item your recipients would actually find useful, but your hunt officially ends here. These woodgrain sunglasses will protect your clients against harmful rays, while stylishly promoting your brand. After all, your company is modern and you want to communicate that to the world.

While there’s nothing wrong with typical plastic sunglasses, this trendy version is the best option for making your brand stand out from the crowd. Plus, if you’re looking to make your mark on a millennial-aged crowd, nothing else will pack a punch quite like these do!

If this trend is speaking to your soul, be sure to browse our list of woodgrain promos to revitalize your next marketing campaign! From Bluetooth speakers to padfolio sets, you’ll find everything you need to modernize your brand. Whether you’re a fan of the woodgrain look or you’d prefer something a little different, be sure to visit our blog to stay up to date on the most recent Trend Alerts!

About the author

Kelsey Skager

Kelsey is a master of promotional products with over five years of marketing and industry experience. She is proud to have been featured on ABC 7 Chicago News and NPR.