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How do you keep your customers satisfied so they’ll come back and shop with you again? Friendly service is at the top of the list along with affordable prices, but I believe that there’s more to customer satisfaction than just that. Every now and then, you’re probably going to make a mistake that will inconvenience or upset your customers, and you’ll need to decide how you’ll keep them happy. I had a positive experience with this yesterday, and I’d like to share with you!

My friend and I went to a nail salon to get pedicures last night, and we could tell that we’d be waiting awhile as soon as we walked in. All of the nail techs were busy with other customers, so they told us to select our nail polish color and have a seat in the massage chairs while we waited. We did, and we ended up sitting in those chairs and soaking our feet for about 45 minutes before someone was free enough to come over and help us.

I was mildly annoyed, but I understood they were busy so I just focused on relaxing. How in the world could I complain if I was sitting in an awesome massage chair, after all? The manager ended up doing my pedicure, and he apologized profusely for our wait (which wasn’t a big deal, of course), and we continued to relax while they worked. To our surprise, he went and got different polish and started decorating our nails with designs, which was listed as extra. When I asked why he was doing that, he said that he wanted to give us each a free design because he felt so terrible that we had to wait as long as we did. I was thrilled to death! Sure, it’s only a $6 design, but he didn’t have to offer us anything at all for waiting. Any annoyance I may have felt in the beginning melted away instantly, and I thought: “Wow, I’ll definitely come HERE again!”

Do you know what impressed me the most about this experience? The manager chose to be proactive instead of retroactive. He didn’t even wait to see if we would complain for our wait; he made the decision to keep us happy JUST IN CASE we were upset. That tells me that this nail salon actually cares about their clients, which makes me more likely to go back again. If you make a mistake and inconvenience your customers, you should definitely offer them something for their trouble…and preferably before they get upset. Isn’t it worth it to be out a few bucks if you could potentially save a lifelong customer?

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