TV Shows that are Absolutely Nailing It on Pinterest (and Tactics You Can Steal!)

If you’ve ever read the QLP blog before, you’ve probably gathered that we’re all huge TV fans here. We don’t just enjoy crazy characters and great writing, but the marketing, branding, and entrepreneur tips, too

But you can learn more than just tips from the plot. There are plenty of things to pick up from watching how TV shows and networks promote their products. For example, you can also glean a lot of social media tactics by studying how shows and networks run their accounts.

Pinterest can be a tricky social network to master and use for marketing your products and services. In fact, you might not even be sure how to start. So I’ve combed through Pinterest boards of TV shows that are nailing it on Pinterest even though their show might not specifically be about cooking or home decorating.

Showtime Networks

showtime pinterest


Best boards: Dexter: The Kill RoomWeeds: Munchies Madness

Why it’s great: In addition to stills from Showtime’s many shows, their Pinterest account takes everything a step further. When it comes to their Dexter board, it highlights all of the show’s victims. Instead of just putting a shot from the show, they put all the pictures on a textured background that blends the entire board into one visually-stunning picture.

People love recipes on Pinterest. One of its shows, Weeds, is about a family that grows and sells marijuana. So showcasing recipes that one could make while having the munchies isn’t just a fun, tongue-in-cheek choice, but it’s also tapping into one of the more popular audiences on Pinterest.

ABC’s Scandal

scandal pinterest


Best boards: Olivia Pope StyleScandal Quotes#ScandalObsessed

Why it’s great: Along with recipes and weddings, fashion and clothing is one of the most popular categories on Pinterest. So with the Olivia Pope Style board, ABC isn’t just tapping into the fashionista crowd, but they’re also giving their fans insight into the clothing of Scandal’s main character. Fans can track down garment pieces, and more designers might want to work with the show.

Quotes and inspiration are always popular on Pinterest, which is why the Scandal Quotes board is doing so well. And the #ScandalObsessed board is nice because it curates content from Scandal fans.

Game of Thrones

games of thrones pinterest


Best boards: Advice from the RealmWesterosi RecipesWesteros VIPS

Why it’s great: Advice from the Realm and Westerosi Recipes hit two of the most popular things on Pinterest: quotes and recipes. HBO has also uploaded most of the content on their boards, so fans know that they can repin these things without running into any kind of copyright infringement.

I particularly like the Westeros VIPS board, though. Celebrities are often pinned, so that already makes this board popular. But it also serves as a visual representation of the press that Game of Thrones is getting. Maybe it will inspire other publications to write about them.


today pinterest


Best boards: Well, all of them.

Why it’s great: TODAY is the perfect example of a brand that has not just embraced Pinterest, but completely excelled on the network. They have plenty of boards to entice all kinds of pinners, but you don’t feel overwhelmed by the number. They have boards for holidays, drinks, food, health, home, DIY, and ones that highlight their anchors and guests. The TODAY show has hit just about every single facet of the Pinterest community while also showing off their stars.

Parks and Recreation

parks and recreation pinterest


Best boards: Ben and Leslie’s Wedding AlbumTreat Yo’ SelfLeslie’s Wall of Inspirational Women

Why it’s great: The Ben and Leslie Wedding Album contains wedding-like shots from the episode. So not only can fans repin images from the special event, but they can also use the images as inspiration for their own wedding.

While the majority of the Parks and Recreation boards are dedicated to characters and stills from the show, there are a handful that go beyond show content. Many expand on jokes or themes from the show, which is a great way to remind fans of previous episodes.

The CW

cw pinterest


Best boards: HART OF DIXIE StyleCW Eye CandyCW Weddings

Why it’s great: The CW doesn’t pretend like it hosts the best TV shows in the world (though I would argue that Arrow is pretty damn good). But it is fully aware of what it does have: cult hits, pretty people, and lovely fashion. So the CW has plenty of boards dedicated to the clothes, weddings, hair styles, and six packs of their shows and stars. And it’s working really well for them.

Honorable Mentions: Part 1

  • 30 Rock for their great boards about great sound bites from episodes. We’re a huge fan of the Live Every Week Like It’s Shark Week board. And not just because a header image from one of our blog posts is the cover.
  • Fashion Star for pinning all of their winning outfits from the show. Would’ve liked to see pins that actually liked to the products at the retailer sites, but having the outfits in one place is a great way to engage potential buyers.
  • New Girl for turning their Schmidt sound bites into pinnable quotes and featuring Zooey Deschanel’s quirky style. Jess’ Dresses could use some updating, though!

Honorable Mentions: Part 2, or, If they weren’t winning at Pinterest, we’d be concerned:

Now for some perfect bite-sized takeaways for your own Pinterest boards:

  • Know what’s popular. If you sell anything that can be related to cooking, home décor, weddings, or fashion, make sure that you have boards that fall into these popular categories.
  • Know your brand. Know what your strengths/best-selling products are and create boards that showcase these items.
  • Showcase content created by your fans. Whether it’s fan art or customer-submitted pictures, acknowledging your fanbase will be greatly appreciated.
  • Don’t be afraid to be funny. Tongue-in-cheek boards or descriptions are a great way to amuse potential customers and grab some repins.

What do you think about these Pinterest boards? Did I miss any that deserve to be mentioned?

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