Everyone can agree that donuts are delicious. But did you know that a stunning logo design can make one company’s donuts stand out above the rest?
The story starts with Two Crazy Donuts, a bakery on wheels that cooks up hot, fresh mini donuts. All that was needed was a hot, new logo for their business to hit the road in style. To make that happen, Two Crazy Donuts asked for help from 99designs, an internet freelancing platform that matches designers with companies in need of their assistance. With countless donuts to be made, there was no time to waste!

Below, take a closer look at three of the top logos created for the contest, mocked up on the Port Authority Full Length Apron with Pockets. Screen printed with your custom logo and available in a wide variety of colors, this apron is a promotional product match made in heaven for any bakery, restaurant, or even salon!

Two Crazy Donuts aprons

The winner:  Design #1

Who should have won: Design #2


Design #1 has some charm but fails to be eye-catching and current. Design #2 is vibrant, fun, and visually interesting. Whether on the side of a truck, a sign, or even a napkin, Design #2’s versatility is a win and its charisma is sure to be noticed. 

Design #1 [winning logo]

Design Outside of the Box

Two Crazy Donuts Design #1

Most companies start out small. What might begin as a donut truck could easily become a storefront, chain, or even a donut empire! Although utilizing the food truck in this company’s logo is a good nod to their origins, logos should always be designed with company growth in mind.
Beyond that, using contrast in your logo is a secret to success. The lack of contrast between colors here makes this logo pretty boring to look at. The design uses three analogous colors (colors next to each other on the color wheel) when it could have benefitted from a split complimentary combination- this would ensure a pop of contrasting color, making this logo much more interesting. Don’t hesitate to reference a color wheel when picking the right palette for your business logo!

Design #2

Tell Customers Why They Should Care

Two Crazy Donuts Design #2

A food truck must have a fun logo. It should be vibrant, gasp-worthy, and easily memorable. This logo does it all, and more! The saturated color scheme really does bring to mind the fun, sweet frostings you would find in a donut shop. The logo’s type style is even reminiscent of soft, round donuts! The organic donut shapes in the design really play up the hand-made touch that customers would expect from a donut truck.

The sprinkle on top is, well, the sprinkles on top! This small detail adds great visual interest and energy to the design. This design is on brand with the company’s name and concept and celebrates what the world really loves about a great donut. When a logo is exciting, it will get customers excited about your business, too.

Design #3

If Your Business is for Everyone, Let Them Know!

Two Crazy Donuts Design #3

A good logo should attract as many potential customers as possible to your business. It should make people crave to know more at just a glance. Instead of acting as a universal beacon for great donuts, this logo’s cute design and soft colors would likely limit its target audience. Soft colors read to be more feminine, which will attract certain customers but inherently repel others. If your company is not already explicitly themed towards a specific audience, don’t limit your reach with your logo.

Although this logo certainly had a direction- it’s more like a donut without the frosting. The logo revolves around the round and recognizable shape of donuts, but otherwise falls flat in creating any significant visual interest. It is charming, sure, but it lacks in any pizazz that would really sell a customer on the donuts being made- there is nothing truly “crazy” going on here.

Final Thoughts

When designing a new logo for your business, remember that you are aiming to feed your customers’ appetites, whether you sell donuts, insurance, or anything in between! The very best logos will leave customers remembering your business and wanting to know more. By designing your own logo with the aim of keeping your doors open to all potential clients and making memorable and impressive first impression, your business is another step closer to rolling in the dough- pun intended!

Need more guidance? Our growing library of monthly logo design tips and tricks is sure to get your creativity brewing (or baking, perhaps)! So, take a seat, grab a donut, and dig in!

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