With our fabulous in-house Design Team, Quality Logo Products® always brings our A-game when it comes to quality graphics on our website. But for the sake of interest, let’s take a walk on the wild side and see what else we can find.

In an effort to bring you the most head-scratching, and frankly disturbing images of all time, we stayed up all night perusing frightening graphics sure to induce nightmares for years to come.

Take a look at nine of the most unintentionally horrifying clip art images you’ll see today. And probably for the rest of your life.


Freaky Clip Art Snail
Looking for a slow ride to hell, stranger?


Scary Clip Art Shark


Freaky Clip Art Alien
Someone unsuccessfully tried to shove an elephant into Homer Simpson’s decapitated money-grubbing carcass.


Bizarre Clip Art Cow
Even taxidermists make mistakes.


Weird Clip Art Baby
Toddlers and Tiaras and Tibias


Odd Clip Art Rat
A rat drinking soap and holding a lobster… I can’t even do this anymore.


Horrifying Clip Art Romance
Why do clip artists hate anatomy and sexual assault laws?


Creepy Clip Art Airplane
Are you ready for your “in-flight entertainment,” sir?


Wacky Clip Art Woman
Before & After. Category: Cryptozoology. Can I solve the puzzle? Spider Cat Lady. You’re welcome for the nightmares.

For obvious reasons, we don’t recommend using any of this clip art in your marketing or promotional efforts. To ensure your design stays off this list, check out our exclusive Clipart Library and choose from a wide selection of hand-curated images. We promise they won’t scar you for life like the ones above!

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