Dare to be different. You’ve probably heard this at some point in your life, and it really does hold true, especially in marketing. According to Forbes, consumers see anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 ads every day, so your brand needs to find a way to stand out.

Unique promotional items may just be your solution! You can hand this swag out at a trade show, send it out as direct mailers, or offer it as a prize in a social media contest. The possibilites are endless!

An article published by experts at Cornell and Florida International University states: “Possessions are often extensions of the self, so one way to differentiate the self from others is by possessing unique consumer products.”

Your brand can fulfill that need for uniqueness with one-of-a-kind promotional items. Here are the best ideas for any budget!

Affordable & Unique Giveaway Items

Bottle Opener Sunglasses

custom bottle opener sunglasses

Do you need promotional items that stop people in their tracks? Win at any event with these bottle opener sunglasses! Available in 5 colors, people will love these unique novelty items. They shield eyes from UV rays and pop the top on tasty drinks. What more can you ask for?!

Food Stress Balls

custom food themed stress balls

You don’t have to work at a restaurant or bakery to promote your company with food themed stress balls! Squishy ice creams are a cool choice for summer trade shows, while bananas printed with your logo and the quote “Go Bananas!” are funny giveaways for a live event. Just be creative, and you can use these unique promos in a million ways!

Pencil Shaped Pens

custom pencil shaped pens

Is it a pencil? Is it a pen? These novelty pens are the best of both worlds! Keep these pencil shaped pens in a cup by your register or at your checkout counter. Everyone is sure to comment and may even want to keep one for themselves!

Animal Lip Balm

animal lip balm

Go wild with unique lip balm shaped like animals! These fun promotional items have a yummy vanilla flavor and are great for zoos, farms, and shelters. Choose from four different cute animals: pandas, pigs, dogs, or monkeys!

Suitcase Luggage Tags

custom suitcase shaped luggage tags

Hotels, airports, and travel agents…this one’s for you! People will be daydreaming about their dream vacation if you hand out these suitcase shaped luggage tags. These unique promo gifts are a little over $1 each, making them very affordable to order in bulk.

Confetti Beach Balls

custom beach ball filled with confetti

Beach balls are fun for live events, but why not make it more unique? Confetti beach balls will bounce around the crowd at picnics, music festivals, and town fairs. The colorful confetti inside is sure to look insanely cool in videos posted on social media!

Custom Tie-Dye Shirts

custom tie-dye t-shirts

Peace and love! Everybody enjoys free t-shirts, but they’ll appreciate free tie-dye shirts even more. This groovy apparel comes in your choice of 60 different designs, and with the low minimum, is very affordable for any occasion. Get these cool branded gifts in any size from small to XXL.

Folding Tote Bags

custom folding tote bags

You want to bring a tote bag to the store, but you also have your keys, shopping list, and kids to carry. These Folding Tote Bags make life so much easier! Each bag is water-resistant and holds up to 11 pounds. Fold them down into a convenient pouch, and they’ll fit in your purse or pocket.

Logo Shortbread Cookies

custom shortbread cookies

If you want promotional items so good you can eat them, then these logo cookies are made for you! Each shortbread cookie is made in the USA and comes in an individual wrapper. Chinese restaurants give out fortune cookies, so consider giving these out as an after-meal dessert at your restaurant.

Heart Shaped Microfiber Cloths

custom heart shaped microfiber cloths

People spend a lot of time on their phones, tablets, or laptop screens. These heart shaped microfiber cloths put love into wiping smudges from their favorite devices. Give out these unique promo items at a grand opening at your tech store, or as freebies at a convention.

Splurge on These Unique Promo Gifts

Arctic Zone Speaker Coolers

custom bluetooth coolers

Snacks, drinks, and good music are a must at any barbecue or cookout. People will go crazy over these custom Bluetooth coolers, which hold approximately 24 cans and have two speakers on the outside of the front zippered pocket.

Color Changing Mugs

color changing mugs

Are you looking for a way to promote your new coffee shop? Try custom mugs that change colors! These unique marketing items can be sold in your gift shop, or offered for free to the first 100 customers who attend your grand opening.

Personalized Bento Boxes

custom bento boxes

With so many people trying to eat healthier, you can’t go wrong promoting your brand with custom bento boxes. These unique giveaways come in 5 colors and have a wooden lid on the top. Plus, each set comes with a matching fork and knife! Give them out at a luncheon or a banquet.

Custom Dinosaur Planters

custom dinosaur planters

There’s nothing prehistoric about these cute dinosaur planters. Each white ceramic pot is shaped like a brachiosaurus and is pre-loaded with seeded soil. Just watch out for meteors, and you can offer these fun promo items as a prize for raffles or social media contests!

BruMate Drink Coolers

custom BruMate drink coolers

Chill! It’s easy to find unique promotional products that make you look cool. Just splurge on these custom drink coolers from BruMate! The insulated holders featured here come in 18 trendy colors like iridescent, rose gold, blush pink, or camo.

Vegan Leather Laptop Sleeves

custom laptop sleeves

Put your personal computer in these faux leather laptop sleeves. Students, entrepreneurs, and travelers will appreciate these stylish cases, which come in your choice of over 45 pretty colors. As a bonus, your logo or favorite photo can be printed in full color on the front.

Personalized Hammocks

custom hammocks

Outdoor brands should advertise with custom hammocks. After all, your customers need a place to lay their heads after a long hike or epic mountain climbing expedition. The Basecamp Hammocks above come in 4 colors (including camo) and fold down into a convenient little bag. 

Silicone Wine Tumblers

custom silicone wine tumblers

Wine lovers are sure to rant and rave over these silicone wine cups. These fun promos are especially great for promotional drinks at outdoor bars since you don’t have to worry about breaking glass. Get these unique branded items in solid colors or with a cool, psychedelic pattern.

Surfboard Bamboo Cutting Boards

custom surfboard cutting board

Surfs up! Hawaiian restaurants can sell these unique promotional items in their gift shops. Customers will love scooping them up as souvenirs after eating delicious Mahi Mahi! Of course, that’s not all. These fun giveaways are also good prizes for beach events, water parks, and oceanside resorts.

Custom Scarf With Pockets

custom scarves with pockets

Ski lodges, ice skating rinks, and snow plow services can print their logos on these custom scarves with pockets. You can also hand out these unique giveaways at a winter trade show. The little pocket is perfect for cell phones or car keys, especially when you’re not carrying a bag.

Why Use Unique Promotional Items?

The more unique the promotional items, the more likely people will want them and hold onto them for years. That’s enough reason to get out of your comfort zone and try something different.

You can opt for the ideas listed above, or browse the 30,000+ other promo items available at Quality Logo Products®. Pair your unique swag with an equally unique ad campaign, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success!


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