#UnlockHeartAttack: Demi Lovato Uses Twitter Creatively to Promote Her New Single

Demi Lovato used Twitter in one of the most creative ways I’ve ever seen in order to promote her new single, “Heart Attack,” and its accompanying lyric video last Friday. Her twitter promotion built anticipation for the lyric video, was interactive and engaging for fans, and had all of her fans tweeting the words to “Heart Attack.” On Friday morning she tweeted:


The link to her website took you to, where visitors were greeted with the following pop-up.


This interesting promotion not only had fans tweeting her lyrics with the hashtag #UnlockHeartAttack, but also encouraged them to purchase her single. Surely fans everywhere downloaded the single so they could hear all of the words to tweet them out. Once you closed the pop-up the site looked like this:


The site showed which words were already unlocked, how many words still needed to be unlocked, and fans had to listen to the song in order to figure out which words were missing. The site also made it easy to participate by including a link to start tweeting straight from the site.


In less than two hours, #UnlockHeartAttack was trending worldwide, showing just how popular this promotion was among fans.

trending worldwide

However, as creative as this promotion seems, there were some drawbacks. For starters, since the site for unlockheartattack kept a running tally of how many mentions were left until a word was unlocked, fans figured out how to game the system and started spam tweeting words that needed more mentions.


Since fans started spam tweeting the words in order to unlock them faster, anyone who didn’t already know what the hashtag meant was probably pretty confused when they clicked on it and saw a stream of words taken completely out of context. Whereas tweeting a line or two from the song with the hashtag would just look like people quoting the lyrics, these tweets are essentially non-comprehensible to anyone who doesn’t know about the promotion. Like so:


The other drawback to this promotion was that after 2 hours of frantically tweeting to unlock the video, fans started getting pretty frustrated. Many started wondering if they’ll have to work even harder for the official music video, and others wondered if they even wanted to see the lyric video anymore.


Not to worry, though, because all faith was restored when the lyric video was finally released and all of the Lovatics discovered that the video featured all of the Twitter trends they had started throughout the year. Once all of the words were unlocked, visiting prompted this pop-up:


Notice how this prompt on the site and the hashtags in the video allowed Demi to transition the hashtag from #UnlockHeartAttack to #HeartAttack. This just shows how the social media team running this promotion carefully considered, controlled, and leveraged hashtags.

Featuring all of her fans’ Twitter trends in a lyric video was an awesome way to thank her fans not only for the hard work they put in during the 2+ hours trying to unlock the video, but also for all of the promoting they did for her throughout the past year. Needless to say, any fans that were frustrated with the unlock process were quick to forgive.


So after all that, check out the video!

What do you think about Demi Lovato’s creative use of Twitter hashtags? Is there anything you would have done differently? Have you seen any other creative uses of Twitter? Sound off in the comments below!

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