For those who aren’t familiar, Urban Dictionary is like Webster’s less nerdy cousin. He’s the one who wears leather jackets, talks openly and freely, and maybe has a tribal tattoo on his calf muscle.

All joking aside, though, you can learn a thing or two from this controversial resource, especially when it comes to navigating the work environment.

You still shouldn’t call that annoying kid in accounting a “quacker” (look it up on your own time), but at the very least, these 10 words can make for a good laugh and might just save you from any pesky miscommunications.

Add these words to your workplace vocabulary!

#1 – Officle

This describes a workspace that’s somewhere between being an office and a cubicle. It’s typically larger in size and may or may not have a window or door. 

Let’s meet in Alice’s officle to talk about our strategy.

#2 – Coffeeholic

Are you on your fifth cup and it’s only 8 in the morning? You might be a “coffeeholic.” Don’t worry – there’s no need for rehab! Maybe just decaf every now and again.

You’re such a coffeeholic. That’s the fifth cup this morning!

#3 – Anti-Work

Do you know when you work really hard on a PowerPoint presentation, only for the goofy IT guy to accidentally erase it all? That’s pretty much the gist of anti-work.

Thanks for that anti-work! You just destroyed my presentation.

#4 – Whoo-Worthy

Go ahead and celebrate that awesome sale you just banked! After all, it’s a “whoo-worthy” moment, which means it’s deserving of a hearty “whoo!”

Peter’s promotion to Team Lead is a whoo-worthy moment.

#5 – Co-Friend

A co-friend is someone that you’re friends with at work, but don’t actually hang out with on the weekends. You take lunches together, and maybe go on walks, but you won’t invite them to your wedding.

Jarvis and I are just co-friends so I’m not going to invite him bowling.

#6 – Social Media Ghost

Not to be confused with the Snapchat guy, a “social media ghost” refers to someone who doesn’t use any form of social media. These phantoms don’t want to be friended by your company so don’t even try.

I’m scared of all these social media ghosts. How can we advertise to them with our campaign?

#7 – Chairman of the Bored

You usually get the title of “chairman” when you’re feeling bored out of your mind. So if you’re reading this right now and you’re on the clock, you know exactly what I mean.

Shonda has been yawning all day. She must be Chairman of the Bored.

#8 – Work Beast

If you noticeably work harder than everyone else, you might be referred to as a work beast. You do you, and keep on clawing your way to the top!

Clay is a work beast. He does way more than everyone else.

#9 – Email Swirl

An email thread between you and the IT department is getting kind of squirrely. When that happens, it becomes known as an email swirl, or a thread that seems to never end.

I got 17 updates from the boss about this project today. I’m in a serious email swirl.

#10 – Bic Pen Hole

The Bic Pen Hole is a mysterious place where all your pens seem to disappear. This typically happens with the cheapies, but it can suck up all your office supplies if you’re not careful.

Can I borrow a pen? All of mine are somewhere in the Bic Pen Hole.

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