Want a Healthy Business? Take Advantage of Weight Loss Resolutions!

Every year, millions of people make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and/or to improve their health. How do these kinds of resolutions affect you? Because people’s countless fitness-related resolutions are great opportunities for businesses that cater to people’s health. Gyms, health food restaurants, organic markets, sports stores, diet programs, and so on are now thrown into a rat race of who can sway the most newcomers to the fitness craze – and all because a new year is beginning.

So, what exactly is the majority of the population looking for in regard to their fresh starts? Location is one of the first factors that people consider when they’re deciding what gym to join or which organic market to do their grocery shopping. A lot of times, people developing a new, healthier lifestyle already have a routine. Of course part of becoming healthier is getting out of that old routine and into a new routine, but changes are hard. It’s most likely that people looking to change their lifestyle are going to prefer the gym closest to them, and the same with where they purchase their groceries.

Cost is the second factor that people ponder, and this is possibly more influential than location. The economy is still taking a toll on many families, and few have tons of extra money just lying around. But, the fact of the matter is, there are a lot more consumers shopping around for the best deal now than there were when the economy wasn’t so bad.

Amenities make up the third factor, and customers will be asking themselves: “does this place offer exactly what I want?” It’s quite unfortunate, but services are often less important to consumers than location and cost. For example, if “Gym A” offers exactly what you want but “Gym B” is closer and more affordable, then it’s likely that budget-conscious customers will choose “Gym B”.

Nonetheless, with all of these factors and more influencing what gym or store you choose to go to, there are still many choices with many similarities which make it harder to decide. This is why marketing and advertising are so important; with the large number of competitors in the health and fitness industry today, there is a growing competitiveness in obtaining clientele.

There are many ways in which to market your business, including television commercials, radio, newspaper, internet, and marketing campaigns. The problem with pricey advertising? The economy affects business owners too! One form of marketing that’s quite affective (and quite affordable) is promotional products. If you run a fitness center, then consider going to health food stores and handing out free stuff imprinted with your contact information; promotions like that are very effective ways to draw new members to your gym because many people looking to lose weight begin with dieting. It’s your responsibility as a gym owner to remind them that exercise, in addition to proper dieting, is necessary to improve their health and increase their metabolism.

Promotional products can also be used to draw new customers to your grocery store. Whether you own a health-food store, an organic marketplace, or a general grocery store, you can draw more customers by handing out promotional products that remind them that you sell healthy items. Don’t believe it? Check out these broccoli stress relievers and apple stress balls from Quality Logo Products – and those are just the tip of the iceberg (lettuce)! If you want to be clever, try the hamburger squeezie that’s featured at the top of this post.

So, start the New Year with a bang by reminding your customers and clients that you can help them shed those unwanted pounds and begin a healthier lifestyle in 2010. Promotional items can help you attain your business goals and help you remind customers of your services! Use the comments section below to tell us your New Year’s resolutions, your favorite forms of advertising, or even your favorite promotional products on the Quality Logo Products site! We look forward to hearing from you.


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