Wearable Promotional Products Can Be Fashionable, and Here’s Proof!

People tend to underestimate the fashion sense of the promotional products industry. For some reason, clothes and fashion don’t immediately pop to mind when we hear about promotional products, and I’m not sure why. I can say this for certain: I may not be a fashion expert but I can tell you there are some great opportunities to spread your company’s logo and brand awareness with different clothing items!

Here’s an example of some apparel I’d definitely rock out if it had your logo on it:

Lightweight Brushed Cotton Twill Hat

Lightweight Brushed Cotton Twill Hat

Lightweight Brushed Cotton Twill Hat

I like rocking a sweet cap, so this hat is my top choice. It has a 6-panel construction, a self-material Velcro closure, and a pre-curved bill for style and durability. This type of hat is most associated with sports team logos, but it would look good with any bold logo on it. In fact, an accessory like this is a great opportunity for your company to co-brand with a favorite local sports team. I would gladly wear a cap from my favorite beer company if it had a logo of my Green Bay Packers on it (Superbowl champs!).

NIKE GOLF Therma-FIT Full Zip Jacket

NIKE GOLF Therma-FIT Full Zip Jacket

NIKE GOLF Thermal-FIT Full Zip Jacket

Nike knows what people want to wear, and this jacket is proof of that. Why not throw your logo on a Nike product and increase your appeal? Throw in the fact that this thing is thermal (which comes in handy when it’s springtime and rainy) and you’ve got yourself one sweet giveaway. The fabric insulates your body by trapping tiny pockets of air, so you will look warm without looking huge and bulky.

This coat holds a particular appeal for golfers when they’re on the green, but I would wear it anywhere. It is lightweight and stylish but also warm enough to make it through the day. It’s unlike any other jacket, and any guy would love to wear this Nike coat…I know that I want one!

Dark Hanes Ultimate Cotton Hooded Sweatshirt

Dark Hanes Ultimate Cotton Hooded Sweatshirt


Dark Hanes Ultimate Cotton Hooded Sweatshirt


Cotton sweatshirts appeal to people like me (an average Joe) but they also appeal to just about everyone else. Why? Because a good hoodie like this is comfy and it comes it all different colors and sizes. Logos get exposure over and over again because people wear sweatshirts all the time; they’re cozy for shopping, jogging, or even bumming around the house.

These Hanes sweatshirts offer high-stitch density fleece, sizes up to 3XL, and soft 100% cotton material. Keep warm and store your cell phone or wallet in the roomy front pouch pocket. But the thing I love the most about these hoodies? They’re made from preshrunk cotton. I’m horrible at laundry and I tend to shrink all of my shit, so this would quickly become my new favorite sweatshirt!

Sport-Tek Full Zip Sweatshirt

Sport-Tek Full Zip Sweatshirt

Sport-Tek Full Zip Sweatshirt


These Sport-Tek sweatshirts have some features in common with the previous sweatshirt; they’ll keep you warm, they’ll be comfortable, and they’ll see minimum shrinkage. They’re available in deep, rich, vivid colors and they have convenient, front-slash pockets. This zip-up fleece looks like something I would wear every day; it’s almost as if it was specifically designed with athletes in mind. I’d wear it for a jog or for a night on the town!

Well, what do you think about my fashion picks? This apparel isn’t the kind of thing you’d find on a designer’s runway, but normal people would wear any of these items regularly and look damn good in the process.

What are your most-prized fashionable promotional products?


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  1. Jill Tooley

    Nice picks, Joe! I really like the ladies’ fleece vests we have on our site:

    I’m not a fan of baseball caps, but if I got a free one I’d definitely wear it. (What can I say…I’m cheap. I guess I’ve been hanging around Jeff too long). 😉

    And hoodies are where it’s at! I’d wear a hoodie every single day of winter and fall if I could…

  2. Bret Bonnet

    Joe could only WISH that he looked this good.

    The guy in this photo is wearing sunglasses in this picture; did someone give Joe a Shiner again?!?!? 🙂

  3. Joseph Giorgi

    Joe, I’m a huge fan of casual/comfortable clothing, so I’m a big fan of the items you’ve pointed out here. Being a golfer, I’d particularly enjoy the Thermal-Fit Nike Jacket.

    • Amanda Sneed

      My fave from this list is the sweatshirt! Warm & Cozy! =) I always like t-shirts too!

  4. Amanda Sneed

    Great blog Joe! The thing I like most about these particular clothing picks is that they are so wearable! These are items that I see being worn day in and day out by lots of people I know. And for businesses, I think that’s key! If you’re going to put your name and logo on clothing/hats, put it on something that is currently in style. An outdated/old fashioned shirt is something that will be a waste of money, because not many people will actually wear it. And it’s pretty sweet when you can put your business name and logo on a piece of clothing, and have people walk around advertising for you!!! =)

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