Congrats – you’re getting married! It’s an exciting time, but boy, oh, boy, there are 1,000 things to do. You’ve got your dress picked out, the cakes have been sampled, so now it’s time for one more decision – which wedding cups do you want to buy?

Elegant cups are necessary at cocktail hour, the reception, and maybe even as personalized favors for your guests. Whether you want custom wedding cups with your monogrammed initials, matching “Mr & Mrs” wine glasses, or something cheap for the open bar, there are ideas here that will have you feeling inspired.

Let’s find the best wedding cups for you! Do you want a frosted look? Styrofoam cups in bulk? Cool bar glasses? Check out this guide to make your drinkware dreams come true!

Frosted Wedding Cups for Dinner

frosted wedding cups with cute quote

Frosted wedding cups are perfect for all of your guests. They’ll love sipping beer, soda, and water from them during dinner. They are also great to hold up during the speeches. The frosted glass pictured here has a large 16 ounce capacity and a low minimum, which is great if you’re having a small, cozy wedding.

Ceramic Coffee Mugs for Dessert

ceramic coffee mugs for wedding reception

Wedding ceremonies are anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, and that’s not even counting the reception! That’s a lot of time to feel sleepy! Serve coffee with your wedding cake, or keep custom mugs next to a Keurig on the dessert table. All of your guests will appreciate the wake up call and can bring the mugs home as favors when the night’s over!  

Wedding Champagne Flutes for the Speeches

wedding champagne flutes

Your parents, Best Man, and Maid of Honor will feel nice and loose during their speech if they sip from custom champagne flutes. These are the best wedding cups to buy in bulk since almost everyone, even Great Grandma, will want some champagne during the reception!

Frosted Plastic Cups for Minimalist Weddings

frosted plastic wedding cups

You may be on a budget, but you don’t want your guests to know. Be on the hunt for frosted plastic cups. The personalized wedding cups featured here look like jewels, change colors, and cost less than $2 each. Pour water inside of these personalized plastic cups to keep everyone hydrated throughout the long day.

Engraved Mason Jars for Outdoor Weddings

personalized mason jars

Say “cheers” with personalized mason jars for your wedding. These wedding cups are awesome for outdoor ceremonies and look great in pictures. Use them to serve ice cold lemonade (or ice cold Long Islands!) Complete the look by engraving your names and wedding date in the middle of a heart on the front.

Personalized Tumblers for the Bridesmaids

personalized bridesmaid tumblers

Here comes the bride…and she isn’t thirsty thanks to bridal tumblers! Hand out the Moonlit Cove Tumblers to the ladies (or gents) in your bridal party. These cute bridesmaids cups come with a metallic lid and matte black walls. For a super adorable look, you should match the custom design’s ink to the lid. The bride should also keep one for herself!

Wedding Stadium Cups for the Groomsmen

wedding stadium cups for groomsmen

Do you need groomsmen cups? Feel nostalgia for your high school or college parties by using plastic wedding cups that look like red Solo cups. Decorate the front of these plastic wedding cups with “Groomsman” or “Best Man.” You can even give these out at the rehearsal dinner or wild bachelor party!

Wedding Wine Glasses for the Lovely Couple

custom wedding wine glasses

The marrying couple deserve their own special wedding cups. Personalize wine glasses with your initials on the front, a simple “Mr” or “Mrs,” or something fun like “Bride to Be.” Sip from these wine glasses during the speeches and toasts, and of course, don’t forget to bring them along to the honeymoon.

Color Changing Cups for Beach Weddings

color changing cups for wedding

If you’re having a beach wedding, you’ll want drinkware that screams “paradise!” All of your guests are sure to love color changing cups. These personalized wedding cups look like a beautiful sunset and are way more unique that your usual glassware. Put them on a table, fill them with candy, and your guests can take them home as wedding favors.

Wedding Cocktail Glasses for Cocktail Hour

personalized cocktail glasses

Are you offering an open bar? Rather than using the dusty old glassware that bars usually serve drinks in, why not personalize cocktail glasses instead? Order a variety of wedding cups for every alcoholic drink, from hard whiskey to frozen margaritas. Custom cocktail glasses also make great gifts for the marrying couple, or gifts for a bridal party!

Disposable Wedding Cups for Casual Ceremonies

disposable wedding cups

Do you already have gifts for your bridal party and favors for your guests? Save money with disposable cups at your wedding. Customize each cup with your names or initials so the cups feel a bit more personal. You can also use these wedding cups at a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.

Wedding Koozies for Backyard Weddings

custom wedding koozies

Some weddings are really casual and take place in the backyard. Skip the wedding cups in bulk and go with custom wedding koozies instead. Burlap is an elegant material that dresses up soda or beer cans and bottles. Use white ink to customize the koozies with your names and wedding date, of if you’re feeling creative, a cute quote or funny saying.

Frosted Shot Glasses for the Ceremony

frosted shot glasses for weddings

Bubbles and rice are great, but it would be really exciting to commemorate your new married life with shots! Ask your usher to hand out personalized shot glasses to everyone in the crowd at the ceremony. When you walk out of the venue, all of your friends and family can toss one back in your honor.

Stemless Wine Glasses for Wedding Favors

wedding stemless wine glasses

Stemless wine glasses are trendy right now and are sure to be well-loved by your guests. Show off your creativity by customizing each wedding cup with a funny wine glass saying like “Our Love is as Fine as Wine” or “I’ll Drink to That.” These wine glasses will be in the kitchen for years, reminding your guests of all the fun they had at your wedding.

Moscow Mule Mugs for the After Party

personalized copper mugs for wedding gifts

You’ll probably have wine and beer at the reception, but kick it up at the after party with Moscow Mules. These cocktails, and the copper mugs they’re served in, have been popular since 1941. Do you need special bridal party gifts? Give out copper mugs as exclusive best man or maid of honor cups!

Photo Wedding Cups for “Thank You” Cards

photo wedding cups

The best wedding cups make your friends and family feel all warm and fuzzy when they see them. With that in mind, you can’t go wrong with photo wedding cups! This drinkware is decorated with dye sublimation, which means you can print a cute photo on the front of each one. Better yet, print some wedding pics on the cups and send them out later instead of “thank you” cards.

How Do You Choose Wedding Cups?

how do you choose wedding cups

You should look for wedding cups that won’t cost you a ton of money. After all, you’re already paying an arm and leg for everything else that goes into planning a wedding. Why should your drinkware be crazy expensive, too?

When choosing wedding cups for your ceremony or reception, ask yourself:

  • What is the budget for my wedding?
  • Which drinks am I serving?
  • Do I have a theme or color scheme?
  • Am I using the cups during the reception or handing them out as gifts or favors?
  • How many RSVPs do I have for my wedding?

Now be inspired by any of the drink glasses and wedding cup ideas featured above! And remember…your guests aren’t judging your drinkware. They’re just happy that you’re finally saying, “I do!”

Final Thoughts

A wedding is a milestone moment, but it can be a whole lot to think about. You should only be shedding happy tears and not tears of frustration, so don’t stress about the details…including your wedding cups. Just have a great time on your big day and enjoy a blissful married life from now until forever!

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