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Forget about the guys in Animal House – custom koozies are the real party animals! Can coolies are there for the most fun events, whether it’s a boat ride, tailgate, or backyard barbecue. Koozies also happen to be some of the best wedding favors.

Cute and funny koozies help make your wedding the celebration of the year! Here are a bunch of great ideas that will have you saying, “I do.”

What Are the Best Wedding Koozies?

There are 10,000+ custom wedding koozies for you to choose from on the Quality Logo Products website alone. Let’s narrow down the best koozies for your wedding, whether you’re going with a rustic theme or keeping it classic with a minimalist ceremony!

rustic wedding koozies

Rustic Wedding Koozies

Burlap is excellent for rustic weddings. The custom wedding koozies featured here are lined with neoprene and come with your choice of accent color on the top and woven through the thread.

neoprene wedding koozies

Neoprene Wedding Koozies

Drinks stay cold when they’re dressed up in neoprene koozies. Go with cute wedding koozies in a fun color like metallic, glitter, or neon! This makes your koozie favors more special than ones in simple colors.

beach wedding koozies

Beach Wedding Koozies

Scuba dive into everyone’s hearts with these unique wedding koozies! You’ll fall head over heels for the 50+ colors and adorable zipper at the top of these colorful bottle koozies.

farm wedding koozies

Farm Wedding Koozies

Bring the rural charm to your wedding! These barrel-shaped koozies are great for farm weddings and are thick enough even for bottles of bourbon. You also can’t go wrong with boot shaped koozies!

denim wedding koozies

Fall Wedding Koozies

You likely wear jeans, flannels, and hoodies in September and October. Keep the same casual vibe at your fall wedding with these denim koozies. The customized wedding koozies pictured here fit mason jars, which are also trendy for favors.

knit wedding koozies

Winter Wedding Koozies

Send cozy vibes with these adorable knit bottle koozies! The cute “turtleneck” at the top makes these favors great for winter weddings. Your guests can use them at home on those snowy days when they’re curled up inside in front of the fireplace.

spring wedding koozies

Spring Wedding Koozies

Light colors are perfect for spring weddings. Your guests will love these pastel custom koozies, which are mixed-and-matched in 4 different colors: one for the main body, one for the trim, and one for the thread, and one for the ink.

superhero wedding koozies

Novelty Wedding Koozies

Are you a nerdy couple? Take your wedding to heroic heights by giving out these caped crusaders as favors. In this world of Marvel movies and TV shows, everyone is sure to love these unique wedding koozies! You can also find novelty koozies shaped like footballs or jerseys for sporty weddings.

photo wedding koozies

Photo Wedding Koozies

Photo koozies show off your favorite memories! If the koozies are printed with dye sublimation, you can use as many ink colors as you want without paying extra. So go nuts and print your favorite couple’s pic, or even a beautiful view from your venue’s location!

cheap wedding koozies

Cheap Wedding Koozies

You can never go wrong with a classic! Get cheap wedding koozies that are under $1 each. Think of these cheap koozies as blank billboards that you can customize however you want. The design is what gives them personality!

What Should I Write on Wedding Koozies?

You want everyone to love your koozie favors. Bring the good vibes with funny wedding koozies that make everyone laugh, or cute wedding koozies that make everyone go “aww!”

Are you stuck for inspiration? You can print just about anything on custom wedding koozies, but here are the best choices!

  • Monogram
  • Wedding date
  • Bridal party titles
  • Clipart image
  • Funny saying or quote
  • Cute saying or quote

Traditional Wedding Koozies

monogrammed wedding koozies

Monogrammed Wedding Koozies

Choose your favorite cursive font and print your initials on koozies. Monograms are traditional, but tend to look best if you have different letters in your first names.

wedding date koozies

Wedding Date Koozies

You’ll never forgot your anniversary if you print your names and wedding date on custom koozies. These favors may be “dated,” but they’re sure to stand the test of time!

wedding party koozies

Wedding Party Koozies

Do you need gifts for your bachelor or bachelorette party? Customize koozies with the title of everyone in your wedding party – “Maid of Honor,” “Bridesmaid,” “Best Man,” or Groomsman.” You can even have some koozies made for the parents, ushers, DJ, and officiator!

wedding koozies clipart

Wedding Koozies Clipart

A clipart image adds a special touch to custom wedding koozies. Choose a graphic that goes with the text on the front of the koozies, match it to your wedding theme, or keep it simple with hearts, flowers, or diamond rings.

Funny Wedding Koozies

To Have To Hold to Keep Your Beer Cold wedding koozies

To Have, to Hold, to Keep Your Beer Cold

Get your guests laughing with funny wedding koozies! “To Have, to Hold, to Keep Your Beer Cold” is a very popular phrase to print on koozie favors since it has a catchy rhyme.

Netflix & Chill wedding koozies

Wedding’s Over – Time to Netflix & Chill

Everyone knows that “Netflix & chill” is code for something else. Grandma may not get the joke on these custom wedding koozies, but all of your friends are sure to get a good laugh!

All I Got is This Koozie wedding koozies

“X” & “X” Got Married & All I Got is This Koozie

You know what they say – a good marriage is about being honest. “X & X Got Married & All I Got is This Koozie” is a lighthearted way to poke fun at giving out cheap wedding koozies as favors.

Come for the I Do's, Stay for the Free Booze wedding koozies

Come for the “I Do’s,” Stay for the Free Booze!

Let’s be honest, most people come to a wedding for the open bar. These funny koozies say it all! Stack them up right next to the cocktail glasses so everyone can grab one.

drunk in love wedding koozies

Drunk in Love

Beyoncé would be proud of these funny wedding koozies. You’re no longer with “all the single ladies” (p.s. – great song for the bouquet toss) so why not use Queen Bey’s hit, “Drunk in Love” as text on your koozie favors?

The Wedding's Here, Time for Beer wedding koozies

The Wedding’s Here, Time for Beer!

Do you need wedding party koozies? Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will love this funny saying! They can slip these koozies onto canned drinks, and pregame while putting on their dresses and tuxedos.

what happens at the reception stays at the reception wedding koozies

What Happens at the Reception, Stays at the Reception

Viva Las Vegas! If you’re having a wedding in Sin City, this is the perfect saying to print on your koozies. Up the ante on your theme by printing other Vegas imagery like dice, playing cards, or the Eiffel Tower to represent the Paris Hotel.

cheers to many years & cold beers wedding koozies

Cheers to Many Years & Cold Beers

A wedding toast can be a terrifying experience. Make it easier for your loved ones by placing these funny koozies on every dinner plate at the bridal table. Your Maid of Honor, Best Man, and parents can hold up their drink, and let the koozie do the talking for them!

whatever, sip happens wedding koozies

Whatever, Sip Happens!

Not everything at your wedding has to be lovey dovey. Your guests will use their koozie favors long after the reception is over if you print a funny saying on the front. “Whatever, Sip Happens!” is a clever play on words that will make everyone smile.

My Happy Hour is All Day wedding koozies

My Happy Hour is All Day!

The drinks are pouring, and everyone’s having a fun time. Keep up the good vibes with these funny wedding koozies. Who knows? Maybe these koozies will inspire the crowd to party until the sun comes up!

Sip It Sip It Good wedding koozies

Sip It…Sip it Good!

Music references are always a crowd-pleaser. Go back to the 80’s with this play on Devo’s, “Whip It.” This funny saying looks retro in a jagged font and pairs perfectly with neon koozies. And remember… “when something’s going wrong, you must sip it!”

pour drink repeat wedding koozies

Pour. Drink. Repeat.

The bartenders are sure to appreciate these wedding koozies, which encourage your guests to keep their glasses full. Choose koozies in a bright color, and use a bold font that’s easy to notice.

Cute Wedding Koozies

Two Less Fish in the Sea koozies

Two Less Fish in the Sea

People love using koozies for a day on the lake, so pay homage to a life at sea with these cute wedding koozies! Your guests will flap their fins over the adorable fish on the front.

Happily Ever After wedding koozies

Here’s to Happily Ever After

Raise your glass to a happy life for the married couple! Your fairy tale wedding will feel more special with these wedding favors. Use a swirly font, intricate details, and romantic clipart images.

Cheers to the Newlyweds wedding koozies

Cheers to the Newlyweds!

Who needs to throw rice when you have these cute wedding koozies? All of the guests can celebrate your new life as a married couple with every sip of their cold drink!

Eat Drink & Be Married wedding koozies

Eat Drink & Be Married

This cute wedding saying is a classic! Mix up the fonts you use and the spacing so the print has an interesting look. It’s also a good idea to include clipart hearts or wedding rings.

I'll Drink to That wedding koozies

I’ll Drink to That!

A wedding is a time to be surrounded by love. Your friends and family are there because you’re important to them, which is why they’re sure to appreciate these custom koozies. It’s a short and sweet way to say, “two people who mean a lot to me just got hitched!”

We Tied the Knot wedding koozies

We Tied the Knot

Are you stuck on what to print on your wedding koozies? A cute saying with a clipart image is the perfect match (next to the married couple, of course)! Your friends and family will feel warm and fuzzy every time they use these fun wedding koozies for their drinks.

The Vows Are Done Let's Have Some Fun koozies

The Vows Are Done, Let’s Have Some Fun!

A rhyme is always a good time! Welcome all of your guests to the reception with these cute koozie sayings. You can put the favors right in front of the bar, so everyone can grab one before they get their first drink.

Sip Sip Hooray koozies

Sip, Sip Hooray!

A wedding should always be fun! Tap into the celebratory spirit by printing “Sip, Sip Hooray!” on your koozies. These favors look best if you use bright colors and include cute swirls or sparkles around the text.

Just Married koozies

Just Married!

If you’re more traditional, you can’t go wrong with a simple “Just Married!” on your koozies. The text can stand on its own, or for extra “oomph,” print it on a car graphic, complete with flowers and streamers.

True Love is Pretty Cool koozies

True Love is Pretty Cool

Bring the cool to your outdoor wedding with these bulk wedding koozies. Your guests can bring them to every adventure, which makes these favors the gift that keeps on giving!

Best Day Ever koozies

Best Day Ever!

There is an episode of “SpongeBob Squarepants” where the titular character sings about the “Best Day Ever.” However, that was before he knew that you were getting married! This cute saying is a reminder to everyone that your wedding should be fun.

How Many Koozies to Order for a Wedding

how many koozies to order for a wedding

The average wedding in the United States has about 167 guests. If you’re close to the average, plan to order enough koozies for everyone in a bulk order. Are you having a small wedding? Look for low minimum options instead, which include less koozies per order.

How to Display Koozies at a Wedding

You should display wedding koozies so they don’t blow away or scatter all over the place. An elegant basket or cool wall mural are great solutions.

Did you order personalized wedding koozies as favors? Here are some pretty ideas on how to display them!

put wedding koozies in a nice basket to display them

Put Wedding Koozies in a Nice Basket

A wicker or wire basket is an easy way to display custom wedding koozies. You can put the basket on a welcome table with the table numbers, or place it near the bar so your guests will see the koozies while getting their drinks. Write “Take a Koozie!” on a DIY sign and place it in front.

use koozie favors to hold silverware at a wedding reception

Use Wedding Koozies to Hold Silverware at the Reception

Place the fork, knife, and spoon at each place setting inside of a personalized koozie. Just be sure to have a linen napkin underneath so your guests don’t wipe their greasy fingers on your favors (or on their fancy clothes)!

set wedding koozie favors on the dinner plates at the reception

Set Wedding Koozies on the Dinner Plates

If you’re hosting an indoor wedding, you can simply put the personalized koozies on top of a napkin on the dinner plates. Your guests can move them to the side when it’s time to eat!

hang koozie favors in a display as wedding decorations

Hang the Koozies in a Fancy Display

Create a wall mural by hanging custom wedding koozies on clothespins in a giant display. Have a sign in the middle that says “Please Take One” so nobody confuses the favors for decorations.

display wedding koozies in a box

Line the Koozies Up in a Cute Box

For a rustic wedding, you can organize your koozies in rows inside a wood or wire box. Glue fake flowers on the outside or put down string lights to make the box look pretty.

fill up a wheelbarrow with wedding koozie favors

Go Country & Fill Up a Wheelbarrow

Are you having a farm wedding? Put your customized koozies in a wheelbarrow with a chalkboard sign on the outside! This is an insanely cute way to display wedding favors, and ties right into your rural theme.

throw wedding koozies into a metal bucket

Throw the Koozies Into a Metal Bucket

Keep your personalized wedding koozies in a metal bucket next to the bar. Your guests can grab one right after they get their beer or wine. Everyone will think your koozies are as cool as ice!

roll koozies into a mason jar for a wedding

Roll Into Wedding Mason Jars

Why not give out two favors in one? Roll up koozies inside of glass mason jars. You can personalize just the koozies, just the mason jars, or both if you’re feeling adventurous!

Pair the Koozies With Drinks & Straws

Your guests can bring the open bar home if you hand out bottled drinks as wedding favors. Dress them up with your custom koozies, and tie straws to the front to complete the look.

Are Koozies a Good Wedding Favor?

are koozies a good wedding favor

Guests will always love taking a custom koozie home as a wedding favor. With so many great colors and cute styles, koozies have a ton of personality and are a cool way to celebrate your big day! Plus, they’re insanely cheap, which is good when you’re budgeting for a wedding.

You’ll find a bunch of cheap koozies to choose from, which is great news for whoever’s paying for the wedding. It’s an affordable favor that’s easy to customize and associated with good vibes. What’s not to love?

Ready to order wedding koozies in bulk for your big day? Quality Logo Products is here to make your favor dreams come true! Visit our site today.


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