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It’s time to face it – weddings can be ridiculously expensive! The dress, food, venue, DJ, travel expenses… it all adds up. In fact, the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is about $20,000. That number’s enough to make you want to hitch a ride to Vegas, elope with an Elvis officiator, and call it a day!

While there’s nothing wrong with a shotgun wedding, those who want a picturesque ceremony may be feeling stressed about all the costs. Minimalist weddings have been steadily on the rise, which is exactly why bulk mason jars are on trend.

Ready to save money? Check out the 28 wedding mason jar ideas listed below. You’ll find centerpieces, décor, and favors that look beautiful and cost very little to put together!

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

Mason jars are an affordable way to create beautiful table décor. Here are DIY wedding centerpieces that your guests will gush over!

Flower Mason Jar Centerpieces

flower mason jar centerpieces
Source: chicwedd.com

According to Wedding Wire, the average cost of wedding flowers is around $1,500 in the United States. Save money by putting bouquets in personalized mason jars instead of fancy vases. You can decorate the mason jars with burlap for rustic weddings, or paint them to match your wedding colors.

Candle Mason Jar Centerpieces

candle mason jar centerpieces
Source: viemagazine.com

Set the dinner tables with candles in mason jars. Basic tealights are perfect, and you can get about 150 for $10 or $15. Candle mason jar centerpieces add a romantic atmosphere to the evening and are sure to put your guests in a dreamy mood.

Autumn Leaves for a Fall Wedding

leaf mason jar centerpieces
Source: sparkandchemistry.com

Next time you rake the yard, grab a few autumnal leaves you can use for DIY wedding mason jar centerpieces. Set up pumpkins on the reception tables next to the jars to add to the fall vibes. You can even download free pumpkin stencils and create jack o’ lanterns to go with the cute lights, especially if you’re having a Halloween wedding.

Fairy Light Mason Jar Centerpieces

fairy light mason jar centerpieces
Source: loveandlavender.com

Brighten a nighttime ceremony with sparkling fairy lights inside of mason jars. These cheap wedding centerpieces twinkle like a sky full of stars, so they’ll look very pretty during dinner. You can even get away with putting them on every other table if you’re really on a budget.

Sand & Seashells for a Beach Wedding

seashell mason jar centerpieces
Source: craftsyhacks.com

Are you having a beach wedding? Check “something blue” off your list with blue mason jars full of seashells and sand. You can also put blue stones inside of clear mason jars with handles to achieve the same look. These DIY wedding centerpieces require a trip to the beach, so go ahead and feel the sand between your toes!   

Photo Mason Jar Centerpieces

photo mason jars

Take a trip down memory lane with photo mason jar centerpieces. Choose your favorite couple pictures, make copies, and put them inside of jars with string lights. You can also paste the pics on the outside of painted mason jars. Make them look cute by using craft scissors to give the photos a unique shape first. 

Succulent Centerpieces for a Spring Wedding

succulent mason jar centerpieces
Source: masonjarcraftslove.com

Skip the flowers at your spring wedding, and instead decorate the tables with succulents in mason jars. A pop of green looks great with a pale pink and white color scheme. These cute wedding centerpieces are not only affordable, but also work well for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies.

Number Mason Jar Centerpieces

number wedding mason jars
Source: weddingforward.com

Avoid that awkward moment where no one knows where they’re sitting with table numbers. Hang numbers around the top of mason jars, and decorate them with lace, tealights, and flowers. Another option is to use stencils to paint metallic numbers on the outside of the jars!

Pinecones & Holly for a Winter Wedding

winter wedding mason jar centerpieces
Source: apumpkinandprincess.com

Winter weddings are pretty and often less expensive than summer or fall ceremonies! Create a festive atmosphere with these pretty mason jar wedding centerpieces. You just need a few pinecones and sprigs of holly and maybe sparkly glitter and a red ribbon to tie it all together!

Mason Jar Wedding Decorations

Couples pay an average of $10,500 for the wedding venue alone. Cut costs by booking a cheap location and dressing it up with DIY mason jar décor. Here are a ton of affordable ideas!

Accents for the Wedding Aisle

mason jar wedding decorations
Source: bridebox.com

Here comes the bride or groom! Welcome the entire bridal party down the aisle with mason jars along the edges. Get this charming look by decorating mason jars and filling them with 3 to 5 flowers. You’ll only need a small quantity of mason jars, which helps you save a ton of money on wedding decorations!

Mason Jar Sand Ceremony

mason jar sand ceremony wedding
Source: thekitchn.com

Two are becoming one! Celebrate your union with a sand ceremony. A personalized mason jar is more affordable than a ceramic vase or urn, and as a bonus, it’s less bulky. You can easily display it at home on a mantel or shelf!

Flowers on the Chairs at the Ceremony

flowers on chairs at wedding

White folding chairs are not the most comfortable, but at least they can look pretty! Fill up wedding mason jars with flowers and hook them on or near the chairs. The venue might even have these hooks already, so you don’t have to buy anything extra!

Chalkboard Mason Jars on the Welcome Table

chalkboard mason jars wedding
Source: etsy.com

Set up chalkboard mason jars on your welcome table. You can fill them with ballpoint pens or Sharpies, and leave them next to the guest book. Personalize the mason jars with hearts, your initials, or simply, “sign the guest book.”

Mason Jar Wall Lanterns for the Venue

mason jar wall lanterns for wedding
Source: protoolzone.com

If there’s an ugly wall or fence at your wedding venue, you can hide it behind mason jar décor. Hang the jars at different heights, and fill them with stones, candles, or fairy lights to create DIY lanterns. This cute look is particularly great for backyard weddings!

Mason Jar Chandelier Over the Dance Floor

mason jar chandelier for wedding

A barnyard wedding isn’t complete without Einstein lights hanging from the rafters. You can use DIY mason jars filled with bulbs instead! Create these ahead of time yourself, and ask family and friends to help hang them during the rehearsal.

Mason Jar Crafts for the Kids Table

mason jar crafts for the kids table at wedding
Source: marthastewart.com

Entertain the kids by setting up a craft table at your wedding. Mason jars are perfect for crayons, buttons, googly eyes, stickers, and other craft supplies. Turn it into a competition and offer a goody bag to the winner. Better yet, have the kids create the “thank you” cards that you’ll send to everyone in the future!

Mason Jars for Dinner & Dessert

Catering can be extremely expensive for a wedding, unless you just get a bunch of Chipotle and call it a day. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save money by using mason jars for the food and drinks. Check out these ideas!

Mason Jar Cocktails at the Bar

mason jar wedding drinks
Source: amazon.com

Are you sitting down? Good, because the average cost for an open bar at a wedding is over $4,000! Serve only wine and beer to keep the costs low, and for a little extra something, mix your own cocktails in personalized mason jars. Your guests can use these glasses throughout the night and bring them home later as favors.

Toast Glasses for the Marrying Couple

mason jar toast glasses
Source: diannedecor.com

The marrying couple deserves their own special mason jar wedding glasses! Customize them with whatever text or design you want, whether it’s hearts or text like “his,” “hers,” “Mr.” or “Mrs.” You can also get monogrammed mason jars that you use during the honeymoon!

Mason Jar Silverware Holders

mason jar silverware holders for wedding
Source: marthastewart.com

Spoons, knives, forks, and linen napkins can take up a lot of room on a wedding dinner table. House them neatly inside of cute mason jars. These jars can also double as water glasses for all of your guests!

Wedding Cake in Mason Jars

wedding cake in mason jars
Source: stardustcelebrations.com

A professional wedding cake costs about $350 in the United States. Why pay all that money when you can whip up cake in personalized mason jars instead? Tie a mini spoon to the jars using rope, yarn, or twine, and your guests can also bring them home as favors. It’s literally having your cake and eating it, too!

Ice Cream Sundaes in Mason Jars

build your own ice cream sundae in mason jars
Source: weddingsonline.ie

Everyone loves ice cream! For a little post-dancing snack, set up a “build your own ice cream” bar at your wedding. You can put mason jars in a giant bucket, and set out toppings like sprinkles, gummy bears, waffle cones, strawberries, whipped cream, and caramel. Yum!

Mason Jar Wedding Favors

Mason jars are perfect wedding favors! Engrave jars with your wedding date, or just fill them with sweet treats and tie personalized tags around the handles. Here are some amazing mason jar wedding favor ideas!

Engraved Mason Jars for Wedding

engraved mason jars for wedding
Source: personalizedfavors.com

For elegant wedding favors, you can’t go wrong with engraved mason jars. A laser etches your design on the glass, whether it’s your names, a heartfelt message, or your wedding date. These glasses are also useful at the reception since the cut down on the cost of disposable cups.

Candy Mason Jar Wedding Favors

Source: theknot.com

Jordan almonds are classic wedding favors, but they can also be pretty pricey at about $9 per pound. Save money by filling up personalized mason jars with M&Ms or Skittles instead. These cute favors are easy to put together and look great with a custom tag that says: “Love is sweet,” or “So sweet of you to come by!”

S’mores Mason Jar Wedding Favors

s'mores mason jar wedding favors
Source: hostthetoast.com

Win over your wedding guests with tasty wedding favors! Fill up mason jars with mini marshmallows, cookie sticks, cocoa powder, granola, and chocolate chips. It’s like being around the bonfire without the sticky mess! You can tie a tag around the jars that say: “S’more love for you!”

Homemade Salsa in Mason Jars

homemade salsa in mason jars
Source: diyprojects.com

Turn your wedding into a fiesta with homemade salsa in mini mason jars. Be spicy with a funny custom message like “This wedding’s been hot!” or keep things mild with “It’s time to dip – thanks for coming!” Do you love avocados? Make guacamole and customize tags that say “You guac our world!”

cookie mix wedding favors

These sweet DIY wedding favors only require flour, white sugar, brown sugar, salt, and chocolate chips. Put everything inside of pretty mason jars. Print out an original recipe, and attach it on the front of each jar with a  heart shaped cookie cutter.

Popcorn Mason Jar Wedding Favors

popcorn mason jar wedding favors
Source: onceuponsupplies.com

You don’t need to wait until movie night to enjoy popcorn! Butter, cheddar, and caramel popcorn are all excellent wedding favors and can easily go inside of mason jars. Order a few big bags and distribute them evenly in the jars. If you want, you can also print a cute message like “Thanks for poppin’ by!” on personalized tags.

Delicious Donuts in Mason Jars

donut mason jar wedding favors
Source: pinterest.com

Homer Simpson isn’t the only one who loves donuts! Mini donuts or munchkins fit nice and snug inside of personalized mason jars. Try to find unique wedding-inspired flavors like champagne, wedding cake, or cinnamon apple for a fall wedding.

How to Decorate Mason Jars for Wedding

Mason jars look elegant on their own for a wedding. However, if you want to spruce them up, decorate with any of the following:

  • Burlap
  • Lace
  • Paint
  • Stencils
  • Glitter
  • Fake flowers
  • Chalkboard labels
  • Ribbon
burlap mason jar


Are you having a rustic wedding? Go country and dress mason jars in burlap. You can put the piece on the bottom as an accent, tie it around the middle with a silky ribbon, or cover the entire jar.

lace mason jars


White or ivory lace is perfect for rustic or classic weddings. Use Mod Podge to keep the piece on the outside of the mason jars. Candles look especially pretty inside of the lace mason jars.

painted mason jars


Painted mason jars are very affordable DIY wedding decorations. Match them to your wedding colors, or pick one pastel palette to go with the flowers.

stenciled hearts on mason jars


Heart stencils are classic, while letters can be used to create a monogram. Buy number stencils if you want number mason jars on the tables. You can also choose stencils that go with your theme like roses for a fairy tale wedding, sailboats for a nautical wedding, or swirly vines for a vintage wedding.

glitter mason jars


Do you want your mason jars to sparkle like a diamond ring? Cover them in glitter! A layer of Mod Podge over the top will stop the sparkles from getting all over the place.

floral mason jars

Fake Flowers

Hobby Lobby is your friend. Check out the craft aisles, and you’ll find beautiful floral twine you can tie around the mason jars, or puffy flowers you can hot glue to the outside.

chalkboard mason jars

Chalkboard Labels

Pretend like you’re back in school with chalkboard labels. You use can use these mason jars for table numbers or as decorations by the welcome/guest area.

ribbon mason jars


Tie a bow at the top of the mason jars underneath the lids. It’s a very quick way to DIY mason jars if you’re pressed for time!

After you’ve decorated the mason jars, fill them with flowers, candles, or fairy lights. You can also use leaves, pinecones, pictures, sand, seashells, or anything else you think will look good at your wedding. Be creative!

Final Thoughts

You’re at the right place for wedding inspiration! Mason jars are affordable to buy in bulk, and you can decorate them with craft supplies that you may already have at home. You can even make wedding mason jars with a bunch of things outside like pinecones, pretty leaves, and flowers (just don’t take them from your neighbor’s garden)!

Overall, DIY wedding mason jars can save you money…and less expense means more money for the honeymoon!


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