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Welcome Summer with Exciting Beach Promotional Products

The Chicago area still has a long way to go before its residents bust out the bathing suits and tanning lotions, but now is the perfect time to start putting your company name onto all sorts of delightful beach-related promotional items! Don’t you want to be prepared for all of those sizzling summer promotion opportunities? Give yourself plenty of time to choose that perfect product by taking a look at some popular summer promo items from Quality Logo Products® right now.

Beach Necessities:

Sunblock (or sunscreen) is undoubtedly the most important beach item of all. Sunburn isn’t sexy! Help protect your clients’ assets by having your company information printed on Sunblock Packets (SPF 15). They’re infinitely useful, especially because people tend to leave for the beach in a hurry and forget to bring their own from home. Similarly, beach towels are commonly-overlooked beach necessities that you could benefit from customizing with your logo. Whether people spread them out on the sand or go for a walk with them tied around their waists, your efforts are sure to be a hit! The same goes for beach bags: without a carry-all like one of our Clear Tote Bags, how will your customers transport all of their tanning goodies to their favorite sunny spots? The see-through sections of this beach tote make it easier to find exactly which beach accessory you need…all of the time. And you should NEVER forget the power of a convenient beach cooler like Koozie Party Koolers! You can fill these generously-sized beach coolers with soda, beer, or anything that needs to stay chilled all day long, and your brand will be there for all to see.


Beach Accessories:

It’s not that the beach items in this section aren’t necessities, it’s just that they better fit into the accessories category. Everyone knows that sunglasses make you look like a badass AND protect your peepers from damaging rays, but did you know that they also give your logo a lot of attention as well? Just imagine the potential that a pair of colorful sunglasses can have on a packed beach! Custom lip balms are a wonderful companion to the aforementioned sunblock packets, but they would also be awesome stand-alone promotional items. Just like so many other beach accessories, lip anti-chap sticks are often forgotten or completely overlooked. You could be a hero if you show up and distribute some protective lip balms to beach-goers! Now, on to two of my favorite beach must-haves: a Mesh Beach Chair and a Comfort Visor. If you think about it, the two of them go together like peanut butter and jelly! I can’t think of anything more comfortable than sitting in a collapsible chair on a sandy beach while wearing a soft visor to shield my eyes…and if I received both from your company, then you can bet your life that I’d be forever grateful.


Beach Toys:

Ah, now for the FUN stuff! When you think of a golden beach that spans as far as the eye can see, don’t you think of people playing games on the sand? One of our most popular summer promo items, the Full Size Inflatable Beach Ball, is sure to make a huge splash for any beach activity. People of all ages like hitting beach balls and playing volleyball with them, and they’re VERY affordable! Or, for another fun-encouraging toy, try personalizing some Custom Frisbees and tossing them to prospective clients while they’re bored. These colorful plastic discs never go out of style, and they’re durable enough to make your imprint last and last. A 2-Tone Hackey Sack will do the trick as well, especially for teenagers or for limber adults who like a challenge! While your competitors are giving away boring items that people will forget, try giving away exciting products that get people talking. Even though it’s not technically a toy, the Sure-Float Container is another fabulous option for beach giveaways. This colorful container is sealed to keep your valuables in and to keep water and sand out. Even if you lose track of the handy lanyard, the box floats to make it easier to catch!


What are your favorite beach-related promotional products? We have many more summer promo items available on our site and in our catalogs, so just contact Quality Logo Products® with any questions or comments! You can reach us by phone at (866) 312-5646, by email at, by responding to this blog post, or by messaging us on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for reading the QLP blog!


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