You probably have worn bandanas at some point in your life, whether you’re trying to keep the hair out of your eyes while you clean your house, or are randomly pretending to be a cowboy or ninja.

But what in the world are fandanas?!

It’s worth knowing the answer, especially since these accessories are having a serious moment in both the worlds of fitness and fashion. It’s even possible to buy custom fandanas that are personalized with your favorite characters, quotes, and designs.

So tie up your hair, cover your face, and let’s get into all the ways you can use and wear a fandana!

What is a Fandana?

A fandana is a stretchy piece of cloth that can be worn in many different ways by both men and women. It’s typically made from polyester or microfiber and can be worn around your face, on your head, or even in your hair!

How Do You Wear a Fandana?

A fandana is one of the most versatile fashion accessories out there! You can wear it in many different ways, depending on your mood or the weather.

This graphic shows 14 different uses for fandanas, from wearing them on your head to tying them in bow!

Here are all the ways you can wear or use a fandana:


Tie the fandana around your head on a bad hair day and boom – just like that it becomes a bandana! Simply fold it into a triangle and knot the two ends together at the nape of your neck. You can also tie it around your neck, and pair it with a leather jacket and fedora if you’re going for a hipster vibe.


Look sweet as a daisy by fashioning your fandana into a headband. Fandanas come in a variety of colors and with different prints and patterns. This makes for a trendy hair accessory that will take even the most basic outfit to the next level!


Working out? Tie the fandana around your forehead as a sweatband to soak up any perspiration. You’re going to be thankful for this cool bit of relief on cardio days, or when you’re doing intense training like CrossFit or Orange Theory.

Hair Tie or Scrunchie

People with long hair will love using a fandana as a makeshift scrunchie. Pull your hair through the opening, and then tie it like a normal hair tie. Try this look when you’re out running errands, or for a day playing at the park with your kids or dog.


Sometimes beanie hats can make your head feel too warm and sweaty. Fandanas are the lightweight alternative and are great for breezy spring days or mild winter weather.

Face Mask

The COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in demand for reusable face masks. If you’re in a pinch and forgot your mask at home, you can use a fandana instead. Since this accessory is typically made with a more breathable material, it’s also a great choice if you need to cover your nose and mouth as you exercise.


While it won’t necessarily keep you warm, a fandana can be worn as a fashionable scarf. It’s meant to be loose around the neck, adding a stylish touch to even the most plain t-shirts.  


Are you gearing up to run your first marathon? Wear a fandana as a wristband to soak up sweat as you move. You’ll ultimately feel less warm as you pump your arms, helping you go the distance!


Add flair to your favorite jeans by pulling a fandana through the belt loops. It’s not necessarily the best at keeping your pants from falling, but it does bring a stylish touch to your outfit!

Tube Top

This one’s for the bravest fashionistas! Shimmy the fandana down under your shoulders, and wear it on a hot summer’s day as a tube top. Just be sure to put on plenty of sunscreen!

Rally Towel

Cheer on your team by waving the fandana around as a rally towel! Buy fandanas in bulk in your school colors, and get them printed with your mascot and name. You can then sell them or hand them out as spirit wear to your faculty and students.

Cleaning Cloth

Are you fresh out of microfiber cloths? Use a fandana instead! When paired with alcohol-rich hand sanitizer, it’s a great cleaning solution for germy surfaces like counters, tables, and door handles.


Next to balloons and cake, a blindfold is the most important part of any surprise party! A fandana can be worn around the eyes and comes in handy for not just surprises, but also games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Hide ‘n Seek.

Ribbon or Bow

Wrap a Christmas, birthday, or wedding gift using a fandana as a ribbon or bow. It’s basically double the gift since the recipient can keep the fandana, and use it however they’d like! 

Who invented the Fandana?


The fandana was invented in 2020 by a fashion designer named Khalfani “Fani” Dennis. Born and raised in Chicago, this ambitious entrepreneur took inspiration from skate culture, anime, and martial arts films.

The COVID-19 pandemic really put fandanas on the map. People were looking for comfortable masks they could comfortably wear and breathe into all day. Fandanas were the perfect choice, and they’ve been flying off the shelves ever since!

How Do You Clean a Fandana?

As long as it’s made with a safe material, you can clean your fandana right in the washing machine! Throw it in a mesh laundry bag so you can avoid any tangles during the cycle.

Did you order custom fandanas for your business or school? It’s better to wash these by hand as the ink imprint may get chipped off in the machine. Simply soak your fandanas in cool water and scrub with a mild detergent. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

Why Are Fandanas Worth It?

Fandanas are worth your money because you can use them in many different ways. They can be worn as hair accessories, face masks, and even as clothing. The material is lightweight and comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. Overall, it’s worth having at least one fandana in your wardrobe!

If that’s not enough, consider the celeb status of fandanas. Billie Eilish, Lil Yachty, SZA, and Wiz Khalifa are just a few artists who have sung their praises about this stylish streetwear.

You can find also custom fandanas that are printed with a cool design, cartoon character, band name, quote, or company logo! With the power of screen printing or digital printing, a plain, old fandana can be transformed into one with a little bit more personality.

Final Thoughts

It seems like there’s a new fashion fad every month, but with its versatility and usefulness, the fandana is one that’s here to stay! You’ll be happy to have it on bad hair days, when your outfit is boring, or during a global pandemic when your world gets turned upside down!

You can find custom fandanas in your favorite color or with a print that makes you happy. Whether yours is plain and simple, covered in Disney characters, or decked out in sequins, this simple accessory is a great way to show off your sense of style all year long!


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