What Goes into a Sale Price?

When I think about what customers look for most when shopping around, I think of sales prices. What’s on sale? Can I get a discount for buying larger quantities? How does something become a sale item? There are literally hundreds of items on sale at any given moment at, and they vary across the board.

The items that are on sale have a red tag that says “SALE” on it. The sale prices change very frequently, but if you click on the product to look at its page, you can see when the sale ends. Just below the images and the phone number, you will see some pricing information. At the bottom right corner of that box, you see “Sale Ends” with a date in front of it. Using this, you can determine when the sale ends so you don’t miss it.

With any product, including some of the products already on sale, you can receive a discount for buying larger quantities. You will see this in the pricing chart on the product’s page. On this chart, there is a row marked “Price Break,” which tells you the minimum number that you have to order for that price range. You’ll notice with most of the products that as the minimums go up, the price goes down. This is your discount for buying in larger quantities.

Now, how does something become a sale item? When an item is being discontinued in the near future, or when it simply needs a popularity boost, it goes on sale.

If we’re discontinuing an item so we can make room for something new, we will put it on sale and mark it as “CLOSEOUT,” which means it’s discounted as low as possible and will not be around much longer. If you’re on a tighter budget, those are the items to grab up fast, because you can get more for less. Be quick though, because they don’t last forever.

If a product’s not on closeout, it’s just being given a popularity boost. Some seasonal items are brought into the spotlight for an upcoming season or holiday. Tote bags are popular in the summer, and wine opener gift sets are popular during the holiday season. These are just a couple of examples. Another reason a product might be getting a popularity boost is if it just hasn’t been noticed in a while. We have thousands upon thousands of products, so sometimes it’s easy for a good product to go unnoticed. When this happens, we give it a nudge by putting it on sale, and letting people know it’s there.

With all of our thousands of products, we take great care in maintaining quality production and delivery, but we also take great care in maintaining the best possible prices and customer service. Check out some of the sales going on now, as they may not be around much longer!


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